White Knight Pitching Artists to Prime Time TV Drama Series

Posted by:  Pulse Records USA


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A popular CBS television drama series is looking for music. The show focuses on a highly skilled police Strategic Response Unit who face critical challenges both on the job and in their personal lives.

Most music selected will be used via Music Supervisor discretion in closing montages, per the typical use of show closing for all series.

Music Notes: Accepting a wide range of professionally produced, media ready genres. Tips to note: Artists should submit tracks that build to epic payoffs and those that maintain a more subdued feel throughout. Submit songs that have "natural" ends as opposed to long fades for editing purposes. Publishers note: there is a bittersweet, reflective quality to most tracks selected for show ending montages.

Lyrical themes about life struggle, overcoming adversity, and general "what's it all about" themes are what the producers really need. Prudence to lyrics that have more ambiguity and are more open to interpretation are better than songs that are overtly about broken relationships or love. Let the listener and audience interpret the meaning instead of being straight forward and “closed” off with the message of your song.