Celebrate Radio! (Mar-Jun '09)

Posted by:  Celebrate Radio


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Celebrate Radio, is a combined non-profit project of Streetcats Foundation, One Heart for Kids, Radio for Peace, Nexus / IPAR, Reaching Up Radio Network and, European Gospel Radio. All are streaming on the web worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from servers in Fremont California, Milan Italy and Germany.

Celebrate Radio promotes positive music from emerging artists along with entertainment and social justice news up to 14 times a day. The music is an uplifting, eclectic international mix.

All genres are accepted, but please make sure that lyrical content is devoid of the 7 dirty words FCC frowns upon. If your music contains subjective material that contains profane language and/or content, it will not be considered for airplay.

Additional airplay and promotional sections such as “artist of the week” will be available to artists willing to make donations to our non-profit organizations for at risk youth projects including One Heart for Kids, Teen-Anon and Kidsurfer. These artist promotions can include playing the entire album several times a week, sponsorships and on-line radio promotions. This offer is only available to artists that have already been selected and have received their airplay accordingly.