Chemical Burn Soundtrack Placement (Aug-Nov '12)

Posted by:  Reality Entertainment


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Reality Entertainment presents the The Chemical Burn Soundtrack Placement Contest sponsored by Epiphone Guitars and The Orchard. It is currently seeking talented groups and artists who want to promote themselves by being included in one of the 2012 film productions/soundtracks.

Selected Artists will include both signed and unsigned bands who will reap worldwide exposure that may be the key to generating that much needed interest by indie and major labels, professional management, booking agents etc. All artists must submit their best mixed and mastered versions that are ready for prime time.

The following films are currently in pre-production:

  • The Lonely Man

    • Edgar Lipsky is a loner, living at the edge of town in Birmingham, England, has worked in a broom factory for 25 years. Little do the townspeople know that he has murdered 147 women in as many years.

  • The Collins Elite

    • A group of elite candidates have been chosen by the US Army to engage in ancient Magick Rituals to manifest entities from another dimension hoping to gain a military edge. What no one realizes is that once the doors are open, they cant be closed.

  • Humanoid

    • At the edge of the Montauk river in New York's coastal peninsula residents are encountering the "Montauk Monster" a bi-pedal creature that is terrifying the locals. An island just two miles from shore lies a laboratory thats sole purpose is to create serums to modify DNA.

  • Hell Is In Your Mind

    • How do we know whats real and what isnt? When a new drug hits the streets people claim to be talking to God only to later realize they are being deceived by a nefarious force feeding off its victims fear and horrors.

Selected tracks will be credited in the film and will be included in the soundtrack for each film which will be made available through major online download retailers worldwide, including iTunes, Yahoo Music, E-Music, Microsoft, MusicMatch, MusicStream, Napster, Real Networks, Sony Connect, Touch Tunes, Zingy, Starbucks, Groove Mobile, InRadio, Sony Connect, Virgin, Urge, Amp'd Mobile and many, many more.

Success stories:

Sonicbids artists are finding success with Reality Entertainment. The Autumn Portrait, Margot B., Crystal Kovach, and Okulus Anomali have already placed songs in the upcoming film Cam Girl and House of Sin to be released on DVD later this year. Black Cloud Productions songwriter Zac McIntyre recently placed 3 songs in The Stone: No Soul Unturned, released in August, 2011.

Reality artist's music has been selected for the XBox 360, Dell Computers, MTV's Meet The Barkers, Viva La Bam, and films such as Bend it like Beckham, Galerions Rion, Hell Boy, Queen of the Damned and many more.

About Reality Entertainment:

Reality Entertainment, formerly CMC International and the same company who brought you Judas Priest, ELO, Marcy Playground, KC and the Sunshine Band and many more great artists is looking for the most compelling and original tracks to appear in several upcoming Reality Films releases for 2011. Reality Entertainment has its own film division and is a major brand of home entertainment. Reality Entertainment is a record label with offices in California and Switzerland. Reality artists have played on festivals such as Ozzfest, Wacken (Europe's biggest festival), and the Harsh Reality Tour sponsored by Epiphone and Metal Edge and more.