Chicks Rockfest Series

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Do you have what it takes? Have you won nearly every local award there is to win? Have you appeared in every women rocker magazine, and then some? Does Billboard have your name on a list as the next big thing?

That doesn't matter here!

The past is behind you and the future is straight ahead at the Chicks Rockfest Series. The only criteria are that you have a female in your band and that you do indeed rock. No fears, there is no discrimination of any sort here at the series. They will not discriminate if you have had your share of awards, have a male vocalist, or refuse to use a Marshall stack.

They may discriminate for bad tones, poor singing and an uninteresting stage show. They will also re-judge you year after year, submission after submission, as you better yourself in the local music industry. Don't let your previous bad drummer hold you back from submitting again this year. They hold no grudges.

Chicks Rockfest holds shows quarterly throughout the year, and wants you to get your rockin' butts down here and show them what you've got! Set lengths are usually 45 mins- 1 hour, and shows typically take place in Cincinnati, OH at Dirty Jack’s. Artists will be compensated based on ticket sales. Artists will also retain 100% of their own merch sales.

If your performance, songs, writing, or line up has changed, they want to know! Rock music isn't just a request at this series, they crave it, they want it, they can't wait to hear it and exploit it all over their stage!

This is not about being a girl, joining organizations, or supporting a cause. While they firmly believe all of those things can be very important things, it's just not what they do here. In a nutshell, their mission is to rock hard, rock loud and rock well.