CME Artist Services Presents: 8th Annual UK Tour 2008

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CME Artist Services has been organizing and promoting musical tours in the UK for the last seven consecutive years and has built up a consistent reputation on the live music circuit of the UK.

The tour runs from Sat October 1st through Friday October 12th, 2008 and is open to all secular genres of original music from all nationalities. There are now 1-3 performance slots available for online Sonicbids applicants. CME primarily books music pubs, clubs, and Arts Council funded venues and this tour acts as an excellent introduction to a UK touring base. School workshops are also hosted as part of our larger goal of passing on great music to a younger generation.

Check out the UK Tour 2006 Slide Show at

Acts selected for CME’s events have had little difficulty in returning to the UK for their own tours (Big Baby Ernie from New Jersey, Wabash Cannonballs from Chicago, Cafebar 401 from Holland, Gandhi from Costa Rica, Ghettobillies from Detroit to name a few).

Sponsors and partners include: The English Art's Council, Lancaster and Morecambe College, Goose Island Brewing Company and the UK band the Convulsions.

Within the UK all travel, accommodation, a minimum of one daily meal, promotion, and work permits are provided by CMEAS, CMEAS partners, and the venues themselves.

Artists will receive remunerations from performance guarantees and ticket receipts after venue and promoter costs not covered by application fees or sponsorship have been recouped. These amounts depend on the venue, the type of performance, and the time of the week (weekends pay more). Artists can expect from between $20-$100 per individual per performance at current exchange rates with CMEAS underwriting a minimum of $20 per individual per day.

Artists can further increase their personal revenue by retaining 100% of the sales of their CDs and other merchandise. CDs in the UK typically sell for around $10-20 each depending on whether LP or EP length.

There are no age requirements or limits for this event, though individuals under the age of 18 will not be permitted to drink alcohol at any of the venues on the tour (the drinking age in the UK is 18) and must supply a signed letter of permission from a parent or legal guardian allowing them to take part in this event. Participants will need a valid passport for travel to the UK and may need a visa too, unless you are Commonwealth, US/Canadian or EU citizens. Work permits are provided by CMEAS.

If you are a finalist for any one of CME’s events, you will be included on their roster. If you become a top 10% finalist, free applications for specific CME events are granted.