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Chick Singer Night is the country's original and longest-running songfest for female artists. It's been around for almost 20 years and takes place in 10 cities. Performers will play 3 songs with the CSN house band and will be promoted heavily for their appearance./n/nNow in its 2oth year nationally (6th year in Boston) and in 10 cities, Chick Singer Night, which includes the "Are You Man Enough Feature," is the nation's original and longest running songfest for female artists. The format is a simple one - all singers are welcome; all styles of music; all levels of experience; all walks of life. Some vocalists will be invited to perform with the world-class CSN house band and others will have the opportunity to perform acoustically or with their own band. Featured artists do not get paid for their performance, however, promotion of all artists is quite extensive.

Shows take place at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA twice per year, and benefit music in schools programs.

Each artist performs 3 songs – bands and acoustic acts may play longer. If artists are performing with the house band, charts/mp3s are required to be provided in advance (chart writers are available if necessary). In order for the CSN band to have ample time to prepare, they require charts be sent prior to booking your showcase date. If selected, you will receive an email from CSN Boston giving the details of your performance at the next available showcase. It is recommended that you have completed charts for the 3 songs you wish to perform if selected PRIOR to even applying for CSN. If you do not have charts yet, we have chart writers that can help – see below for more info.

CHARTS (Lead sheets): Charts should have chord symbols, bar lines, time signatures, important melodies, and important bass lines. Unacceptable charts for the band would include lyrics with chord symbols written above them and published "piano & vocal" arrangements. They do not have enough musical information to help make you and the band sound as good as possible. If your chart is over 3 pages, it's too long and will not be accepted. You must provide charts in your key, that match the recordings, for each of the 5 members of the band. Each chart should be taped together on the back, accordion style (please no staples or paper clips). The band learns about 16-20 songs in a very short period of time, so adhering to these requirements is very important.You have a brief rehearsal with them to get your songs sounding perfect and charts can make or break your set.

CSN can refer artists to chart writers if they need help creating a chart prior to their performance. They have a couple of people that charge from $25-$35 per song, an investment in your music that will last the lifetime of your songs. If you are selected for CSN and fail to provide correct charts and info in a timely manner, you will lose your spot and may or may not be rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are selected to perform one of the Chick Singer Night Boston shows, you must guarantee 10 people or 10 tickets sold. If you do not bring at least 10 people or sell 10 tickets, you must pay Chick Singer Night $10/per ticket not sold on the night of your showcase. This is partially to ensure that our hard working CSN band is paid for all the hours they put in to make a successful show for you, which they do at a reduced rate, and the rest of the proceeds go directly to our local music in schools programs to benefit our next generation. CSN Boston is completely non-profit.

If you are selected, CSN will email a info sheet with everything you will need to know including charts details.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ongoing series. Reviewing and booking will be selected in the order in which they were received. Please keep this in mind as you submit.