Chick Singer Night (Milwaukee)

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Now in its 17th year and in 11 cities, Chick Singer Night is the nation's original and longest running songfest for female artists. The format is a simple one - all singers are welcome; all styles of music; all levels of experience; all walks of life. Each singer rehearses with the Chick Singer house band the afternoon of the show. Later that same evening they hit the stage to a packed house and give the performance of a lifetime!

Each girl performs 3 songs. In order for the CSN band to have ample time to prepare, we require lead sheets/charts be sent at least a month prior to the show. These lead sheet/charts must follow the CSN guidelines. If selected, you will receive an email from CSN Milwaukee listing everything we require from you, including a copy of the national CSN guidelines. If you would like to contact us for suggestions of people who can do your charts, please email us. We have a couple of people that charge from $25-$35 per song. If you are selected for CSN and fail to provide correct charts and info in a timely manner, we will be forced to put someone else in your slot who has the information required. You may or may not be rescheduled as we are booked 4 months in advance.

CHARTS (Lead sheets): Charts should be good guide charts, meaning they should be on staff paper, in the correct key, have chord symbols, time signatures, important melodies, important bass lines, intros, outros. Unacceptable charts for the band would include lyrics with chord symbols written above them and published "piano & vocal" arrangements. They do not have enough musical information to help make you and the band sound as good as possible; they also tend to go over the 3 page limit. If your chart is over 3 pages, IT'S TOO LONG!! You must provide charts in your key for each member of the band. Each chart should be taped together on the back, accordion style (please no staples or paper clips). *It might seem we're picky about the charts, because we are. The band learns approximately 16 songs in 2 hours. You have one half hour to get your songs sounding perfect and charts can make or break your set. Again, we can email you a PDF file of our national chart guidelines along with a sample chart for you to look at.

Please note: If you are selected to perform one of the Chick Singer Night Milwaukee shows, you must guarantee 10 people or 10 tickets sold. If you do not bring 10 people or sell 10 tickets, you must pay Chick Singer Night $8/per ticket not sold. This is to ensure that our hard working CSN band is paid for all the hours they put in to make a successful show for you. We provide you with the very best musicians in Milwaukee, print posters, postcards, programs and put you on our national website so your Chick Singer showcase is the best it can possibly be. Chick Singer Night alumni include Norah Jones and Sheryl Crow.

If you are selected, we will email a letter with everything we need including charts. After we have received everything we need, we will then discuss the next available date.