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Cybergrass, the Internet's bluegrass music magazine is the oldest and biggest bluegrass web site in the world. They have been providing news, events and information about bluegrass music since 1992. Cybergrass welcomes any news that would be of general interest to the bluegrass music community and they feature acoustic and acoustic roots music as part of the editorial focus.

Cybergrass features artists and band profiles, new release announcements, the only syndicated bluegrass events calendar and much more. Cybergrass is free and all content is RSS/RDF syndicated.

Cybergrass features daily updated news. All news is saved and collected into monthly volumes for searching and reviewing. Members are encouraged to submit their own news and event information. All content is reviewed before being accepted, so read the FAQ on the submit news page before you submit.

Terms And Conditions

What Kind of News Do You Accept?

Only news that is of a general nature, national or international interest and that pertains to bluegrass, acoustic or folk music will be considered.

News that is for promotion will only be considered if it will appeal to a very wide audience and contains content specific to bluegrass or acoustic music. Promotional news must contain content that is newsworthy and relates to bluegrass music to be considered. Advertising is better served using our web links area. If you're considering advertising on Cybergrass, please read our FAQ on Advertising for more information.

Submissions for new products are generally discouraged unless they pertain to bluegrass music (instruments, learning bluegrass, etc.) Items for copying CDs or DVDs, MPEG encoders and such will not be considered.

Local events and regional artists are better served using our Forums, Event Calendar or the Web Links pages.

Event notices should be placed in our Events Calendar. Only those events of national interest or where there is a story with the event will be considered for the News section of Cybergrass.

Not all items submitted will be added to Cybergrass. Cybergrass reserves the right to moderate, edit or accept items for the magazine.

What Content do you Consider?

News items should be your original material. News articles must consist of a minimum of three (3) full paragraphs -- preferably 4 or more. Short announcements will not be considered for our news articles.

Copying articles or parts of articles from another source for use on Cybergrass is prohibited. Submitted articles must be original content by the author. If you acquire written permission for use of an article on Cybergrass, we may consider it.

Press Releases from recognized organizations are generally considered provided they pertain to the purpose of this web site.

Notices from well established bands are appreciated. Album releases, showcases, and other events of general interest are encouraged. Advertising type articles will generally not be considered for the home page news articles.

Can I Copy News to your Site?

If YOU originated the original article, then the answer is usually yes. If the information carries any kind of copyright by another web site, publication or other source, we will not carry it here without express written permission from the copyright holder. If you wish to put copyrighted material on Cybergrass, it is your responsibility to get us the authorization to do so. The authorization will be validated before posting.

May I Copy Your News to My Web Site?

No. All content (text, graphics, html, etc.) is copyright Cybergrass and may not be used without our permission. We have given permission in some cases but our purpose is for people to come visit us -- not another web site.

You may have links to our site and its news provided that the source, Cybergrass, is clearly identified with the link.

RSS Syndication may also be used with the same source attribution being clearly identified. For more information see the FAQ on Syndication.

Can I Include Images with News?

Generally, the answer to this is no. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to ask as we do like images but, historically images which have been submitted have had copyrights held by others. Images must be resident on our image server if they are to be included on Cybergrass. Images must be free of copyright as noted above.

How Do News Stories Get Syndicated?

Syndication works on various principles. One is that articles are indexed much like search engines. Keywords in the first paragraph are essential to getting your story captured and placed in the proper category. Since there are no meta tags with individual stories, the only thing the news distributors have to go on is the content itself.

If you're writing a story about a bluegrass festival, be sure and include "bluegrass music" somewhere near the beginning of the article. If the story is about folk music, banjos or whatever, be sure and include the exact word or phrase in the beginning of the article. This way services like will properly catalog your story for others to read.

Who Can Submit News?

Only registered users may submit news items. This is necessary if we need to verify or validate the story.

What Are Your Style Guidelines?

Cybergrass is pretty liberal in regards to submissions. There are only a few point we would like you to consider.
- Avoid the use of ALL CAPITAL letters except for abbreviations like IBMA, BMI, etc.
- Use the HTML paragraph tag instead of multiple line breaks.
- If you include a link or web address, please use the HTML anchor tag.
- Avoid all use of style sheet tags - they will be removed by the server.
- Avoid the use of quotes and apostrophes in the subject line. Due to the way the database works, these will keep your article from being posted.
- Don't repeat the subject as the first line of the story.
The submission page has two text blocks. Only the First Paragraph goes in the top box. The remainder of your story goes in the bottom box. The server will put the two together. The top box is what is displayed on our home page.

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