Dance for Tots - Licensing Consideration

Posted by:  Diablo Blanco Productions

  Booking 3 Sonicbids bands

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Diablo Blanco Productions is currently looking for songs to license for their exercise video “Dance for Tots.” At least three Sonicbids artists will be selected for inclusion in the half-hour program and there is $250 compensation per selected artist.

The video will be made to encourage creativity in children at a young age with their movement and also to instill being active in their everyday lives. The music selection is of utmost importance as it’s very hard to keep a toddler focused. Music with lots of rhythm and syncopation is the key.

This video has an emphasis on stretching, and includes the use of props to keep children interested. Possible props to be used could be crowns, wands, scarves, balls; all typical in the dance world as development in movement. Other children will be involved in this video as toddlers love to look up to other children.