DAWN Syndicated Productions Music Library

Posted by:  DAWN Syndicated Productions, Inc.


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A major entertainment production company seeks full length songs with corresponding master recordings (“Tracks”) that they can purchase and add to their music library. The company purchases Tracks for $400 and will thereafter own all publishing rights. The writers/composers will retain all of their so-called “composers share” performance rights income in perpetuity. Writers/composers should belong to a music society or they will not receive performance royalties. If you do not belong to a performing rights society, join one before you submit any tracks.

DAWN Syndicated Productions seeks all types of Tracks, which include but are not specific to: dance, rock (all types), alternative, jazz (w/ vocals), reggae, country and singer songwriter. There is currently an opportunity for fun, uptempo, contemporary cuts in all genres that will be used in an upcoming hip new network show about various trends and fashion.

The parameters are as follows: any Tracks submitted for our review and possible purchases should only be submitted by those persons who wholly own and control those Tracks. DO NOT SEND any Tracks that are not controlled by the sender. Once a Track has been accepted DAWN Syndicated Productions will send a contract to the controlling party. All writers/composers should sign the contract or DO NOT SEND your composition. After the contract has been reviewed and signed and the Track has been delivered to DAWN, they will issue a check for $400 to the selling party(ies). After this step has been completed DAWN Syndicated Productions will take ownership and control of that particular Track (both song and master-recording) forever. The company plans to acquire approximately 10 new Tracks per month.

DAWN Syndicated Productions services network shows and nationally syndicated shows. They place a substantial number of Tracks that they purchase into projects and they are committed to acquiring the best possible compositions available.

Please note: Artists should NOT contact DAWN Syndicated Productions directly by email or phone. Please direct all inquiries to Sonicbids Artist Relations and Sonicbids will reach the promoter on your behalf.