Dead Famous Compilation CDs

Posted by:  Lucente Entertainment


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DEAD Famous Artists is a compilation series initially released on Burnlounge in the US and non-exclusively on other online retail sites to stimulate artist exposure, create market visibility and generate sales. The deal is non-exclusive and so the opportunity to do other similar licensing deals is no problem.

Once a band proves that they can generate a certain amount of sales off their single track inclusion on a specific volume of the series, the opportunity will arise to present a full play album to the company for direct signing to the Astral label and its subsidiaries and distributed globally through the Blue Pie digital and retail platform. This will include marketing budgets at source and offer many value adds to signed artists in the form of direct media licensing into film, TV and advertising platforms, branding adverts and editorial in a slate of quality magazines, banner ads on leading websites as well as the incorporation of the content into a massively promoted Rewards Program in Australia and soon in other countries around the world.

The returns to the artist and accounted on a bi-monthly basis will be 60% of all downloads and 50% at source for all direct licensing into media vehicles and content aggregation with third party entity's on the basis that the artist owns their masters and publishing to the tracks signed to the label. The opportunity to sign (12) month business management deals with the Company that will further involve touring scenarios with leading booking agency's based in the US, UK, Europe and the Pacific Rim will further expand the artists exposure, their visibility and their revenue returns by the direct sales of their CD's and merchandise at shows presented to help promote their market releases.