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Encompassing an industry convention and trade show, a nationally televised award show, a wide array of concert venues and showcases, a host community that embraces the event and a spotlight on local, national and international recording artists … you might think Toronto, New York or Los Angeles. No, it is our very own East Coast Music Awards, Conference & Festival. A celebration of the best and brightest musical talent, home-grown in our Atlantic Canadian community.

Celebrating our 19th Anniversary, the East Coast Music Association is preparing for the 2007 East Coast Music Awards, Conference & Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada February 15th - 18th, 2007. The four-day music and industry extravaganza will take the city by storm. Throughout the city, the region's music and roots will take centre stage as artists and industry representatives meet to focus on the growth and development of our unique musical culture, celebrate our achievements and showcase our diverse talent.

Attended by more than 2,500 industry representatives and performers, the event has grown from a one-day event hosted in a Halifax bar, to a forum that has helped to promote many of Atlantic Canada’s artists to national and international presenters and buyers.

This is the opportunity to submit for ECMA Soundwaves, a program that allows artists to connect with the community that is hosting the upcoming ECMA event through performances in schools and other community venues during the month before the ECMA event. It will also increase the visibility of ECMA artists and most importantly, grow the market for East Coast music. The Soundwaves program will give preference to musical acts that have recorded product available to sell to concert-goers. The ECMA reserves the right to solicit Soundwaves applications when required. AF of M membership may be required to participate in certain Soundwaves shows.

Please note: Eligible artists must be Atlantic Canadians. An Atlantic Canadian is defined as:

  1. A person who was either born in Atlantic Canada; or
  2. A person who has lived in Atlantic Canada for the full eligibility period (June 1, 2005 to October 16, 2006).
At least 50% of group members must be Atlantic Canadian.

Artists/groups that performed on the Songwriter's Circle at ECMA 2006 are not eligible to submit for 2007.

You must be a member of BOTH ECMA and Sonicbids to qualify for any ECMA opportunity. You may submit before you become a member of ECMA; however, you must join ECMA by the submission deadline in order for your submission to be considered.