Eco Arts Awards 2014

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Eco Arts Awards is an annual competition in four creative genres; songwriting, fine art, literature, and repurposed materials in art & design. Its mission is to acknowledge and reward creative excellence in thematic accomplishment. The theme is "ecology" - the inter-relationship between all of life to its environment. This has also come to mean how human beings are behaving toward one another, since our presence obviously has a strong impact on the environment. Its big picture stuff! Eco Arts Awards is looking for innovative, inspiring, edgy to soothing inspiring interpretations of this theme. If you are passionate about wanting to make a difference in the world with your talent, this is the competition to enter!

Prizes for this year's competition include:

  • Grand Prize Winner- $2,000 (selected from all four categories)

  • Frist Place- $1,000

  • 10 Finalists will recognized with an award icon and a free placement on 'The Art of' site.

  • 20 Semi-Finalists will be recognized with an award icon, and can be placed on the '' for half price.

  • All winners which include semi-finalists and finalists will receive a good amount of social media promotion and the strong possiblity of participating in a virtual live streaming concert early Fall 2014 celebrating the message!

New jurors for 2014 will be announced soon!

Songwriters: If you want to change the world with your songs, if you see the big picture, this is the competition you want to enter. You will be joining a group of very dedicated people who will do their best to promote your message.

Selection criteria for songwriting:

  • Originality and impact of ecological theme

  • Lyrics

  • Melody

  • Arrangement

  • Overall likeability

  • Production/Record Quality and vocal ability are not criteria

Application Criteria

  • Front person gender requirement: Male

Terms And Conditions

Are clearly posted on the website

However, it is the standard procedure; We will not return your submission to you. You will maintain copyright. We ask for permission to post your submission on our website for public listening and a People's Choice vote, if your song is selected to be in the top twenty finalists. We will also require a photo, and bio.

Your entry must be original and not infringe on any copyrights. If you have more than one writer or collaborator you must decide whose name to put the submission under and it is up to you to disburse the prize money appropriately between all co-authors.

Selection criteria for winning entries will be:

Thematic impact - relevance to ecological issues
Melody, arrangement, originality and lyrics
Overall likeability
Production value and quality of performance will not be considered in the judging criteria