Egoscue Exercise/Wellness Compilation CDs

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If you believe music has the power to heal and aid in the healing process, this opportunity may be for you.

Still Listening Productions, an event and music production company out of Del Mar, CA, is producing a compilation CD for the exercise and wellness company, "The Egoscue Method," to aid their clients in their exercise routines. They are seeking to license songs by artists who want to reach Egoscue's high-end client base and be associated with and introduced to the wellness and exercise community. There are at least five (5) slots reserved for Sonicbids artists!

Selected artists will be paid a $100 non-exclusive licensing fee per song, and will be promoted to Egoscue's clientele. Artist's website and information will be printed on the packaging, all press-releases, and on the Egoscue website, and may be used on the air during Egoscue's syndicated "Pain-Free Radio Hour", which has an audience of 12 million listeners. Egoscue would like to present artists that have made things happen for themselves and are helping the world through their music.

The Egoscue Method, with an active customer base of 38,000 people across the country, offers a program involving a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation. The Egoscue Method was founded Pete Egoscue in1978, focusing on creating with their clients a sense of wellbeing and progress to a healthy, balanced life.

Egoscue seeks to introduce great music as a part of their entire Egoscue experience, and will use the CD's to distribute to their clients, as well as for purchase through their online distribution channels.

We're looking for songs with a positive message about life - songs that encourage people to live fully, to take charge of their own lives on their own power, to heal themselves, and for the good things they are discovering about themselves and the world.

Songs for three different CD Compilations are sought:

Disc 1: Slow/Soothing/Meditative/Ambient songs. Several genres will be considered, including Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter, Ambient, New Age, and Adult Contemporary. Think of music you'd like to put on when you're doing Yoga or just relaxing and want to feel good. Patients will be listening to this CD while laying on the ground and holding poses.

Disc 2: Mid-tempo songs: This is a slightly more active workout, and can have a mid-tempo beat to it, with the themes listed above.

Disc 3: Up-tempo songs for a faster, more strenuous athletic workout. These songs will get the listener focused and confident in their workout.

Release date: Disc 1 is slated to come out in the Winter of 2007, with the following two discs 6 months apart.

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Still Listening Productions is an event and music production company based out of Del Mar, CA.