ExposeYourMuse Compilation CDs

Posted by:  Public Muse


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Public Muse Group is pleased to announce the creation of a division called Public Muse ExposeYourMuse, which will produce compilation CDs of original music. Their goal is to showcase music only from the best emerging artists.

Submissions are open to a variety of genres including rock, alternative rock, acoustic rock, pop, dance/electronica/DJ, world, reggae, metal and hip-hop.

Selected artists will be divided in three categories:

  1. Four Sonicbids artists will not pay any fee to be featured on the compilation CDs. These artists will be able to participate in the compilation with one song each at no additional costs.

  2. Some selected artist(s) will not pay any fee to participate on the compilation CD if they are offered a publishing contract by Public Muse Publishing, a division of Public Muse Group, for the selected song(s) only. Public Muse Publishing will pay an advance for any future publishing royalties income, the fee for the selected songs of the artist/band in the compilation CD, to the Public Muse ShowcaseYourMuse division.

  3. Other selected artist(s) will be asked to pay a $150 fee per song with a maximum of three songs, per artist. This fee will not be refundable and all publishing rights will be retained by the artist/author.

The CDs will be showcased and distributed at an important exhibition held in Cannes of France, to hundreds of distributors, record companies, publishers, media agents, radio stations and others from all over the world, during the 27th-31st period of January 2008. The CDs will also get presented at the exhibition to many worldwide radio stations, media agents etc. In addition selected artists will receive 10 copies of the CD for their own use.

Please note: All selected material will be mastered at no extra charge before being placed on the album. In the case where Public Muse Publishing will have the publishing rights of the selected songs of any artist/group then any company's interest will be announced to the artist by Public Muse Publishing. The exhibitors and participators that will posses the compilation CDs will be sent to all artists on the compilation CD by March 15, 2008.