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 Booking 65 Sonicbids bands

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The Extreme Tour presents its 19th year of festival-style events across the United States (and now Canada, Japan, Brazil, India, and The Netherlands). Selected bands can perform as much or as little of the tour schedule as they feel they can do. The Extreme Tour takes care of travel expenses like housing and food on varying levels and some artists will be compensated for their participation with an additional travel stipend.

The U.S. Tour plans to select 50-75 Sonicbids bands for 2013. The International tour teams plans to accept an additional 15-30 Sonicbids bands based on availability of slots and performances.

All selected artists will receive mentoring and assistance from a group of Industry Veterans who have agreed to help the selected 2013 artists develop their music and careers beyond just their involvement with the Extreme Tour. Past Extreme Tour artist mentors have been influences and mentors for bands and artists like: The Trans Siberian Orchestra, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, System Of A Down, Bad Brains, P.O.D., Kutless, Switchfoot, Jeremy Camp, and countless other major names in the entertainment industry.

Also, unlike most other major tours, Extreme Tour artists do not pay a merchandising fee to the tour, and receive 100 % of their merchandise sales.

There will be two U.S. Tour teams, each doing multiple events in over 100 separate cities and markets nationwide. Shows will take place at the club, theater, and festival level in most major U.S. Markets.

The tour schedule will run for 6 months, from May through October. When you submit, you will be able to specify how much of the tour schedule you are looking to be a part of. An average of 10 bands perform in each city. While you may apply for all cities, you are NOT required to.

In addition to the U.S. Tour, the Extreme Tour has also added tours in Canada, Japan, Brazil, India, and The Netherlands to its schedule for the first time. These dates will be in addition to the already expansive tour schedule planned for the Continental United States. The Canadian Extreme Tour Leg will run throughout the month of August and will cover the Central and Western portion of Canada with stops from Winnepeg, Manitoba to Vancouver, BC and many points in between.

Submissions in ALL genres are accepted, including genres that often are not accepted for other major tours like: punk, hardcore, metal, rock and roll, hip-hop, spoken word, comedy, etc.

Past performers include: KJ-52 (Uprok Records); Kutless (BEC Recordings); Falling Up (BEC Recordings); Spoken (Tooth and Nail Records); Stutterfly (Maverick Records); L.A. Symphony (Gotee Records); House of Heroes (Gotee Records); and many, many more.

About Extreme Tour:

The Extreme Tour is a tour with a mission. The artists and volunteers of the Extreme Tour are coming to bring a rallying cry of freedom. Freedom from ignorance. Freedom from seclusion. Freedom from violence. Freedom from the destructive messages, themes, and agendas of a machine bent on inhuman profit.

In our time, much of the Industry behind rock and roll culture has advocated a costly and ruinous message of self-gratification by glorifying hatred, drug use, alcoholism, and promiscuity. Because the industry has found this destructive message to be profitable, as a whole, it has ignored the great social cost. The Extreme Tour Movement marks the beginning of a change in that agenda.

The Extreme Tour will bring an alternative voice to your community this summer. The Extreme Tour will present a proposal of change. This change that starts with the artists and performers involved in this movement. The participants in the Extreme Tour discard the destructive messages and lifestyles advocated and glorified by Rock and Roll's past, and embrace a new message of hope.

Artists submitting must be positive. No profanity or derogatory lyrics. The tour has been sponsored and endorsed by: AUDIX, Vic Firth, MyStar Sound, FreshPark Skate Equipment, Nextsport Skate and Scooters, Luis Palau's "Livin' It" Alliance, Phonetic Propoganda Clothing, and EMC Board Co.

Terms And Conditions

The Extreme Tour started as a grassroots effort of "The Extreme", a cultural outreach project started by Ted Bruun. The purpose of the Extreme Tour was to facilitate Community Events, using the mediums of Extreme Sports and Music, held in communities across the United States (and now around the world), to reach at-risk and counter culture youth with services and resources that would assist them in making positive and healthy lifestyle decisions. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Addiction and Abuse Recovery, Vocational and Educational Training, Social Skills Development, Mentoring Facilitation, Etc.)

Extreme Tour Events are often done in partnership with a diverse group of community action agencies, including Municipalities, Civic Organizations, and Faith Based and Charitable Organizations. Whenever possible, the Tour Events include a call to action and advocacy for the positive messages and charitable causes that our community partners represent.

While the Extreme Tour was established as a charitable community based project facilitated by a faith based organization , our approach is non sectarian, and Extreme Tour events are NOT political or religious events aimed at a religious market, or to any specific political ideology. Rather, Extreme Tour events are inclusive Community Events, using the mediums of Extreme Sports and Music, aimed at a mainstream, non political, and non religious market, and held in mainstream venues and settings.

The Extreme Tour accepts and selects applications from artists from both religious and non religious genres. However, as the events are intended to be inclusive events where all members of the community feel welcome, an emphasis is placed on artists that are suitable for diverse alternative non religious audiences. Artists suitable only for politically ideological or sectarian audiences, or performance in a sectarian setting or venue, probably are not a good fit for the Extreme Tour. Likewise, artists with lyrics or themes that contain profanity, or the glorification of negative or abusive behavior (such as illegal drug use, violence, or obscene or graphic sexual content) are also probably not a good fit for the Extreme Tour.

For answers to questions regarding the Extreme Tour, and it's work in the communities we visit, please email us at: TheExtremeTour@GMail.Com.