First Night Saratoga

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First Night Saratoga is now accepting applications for First Night performers for this yearÂ’s celebration, Wednesday, December 31st. The selection process takes place throughout the Summer, and final determinations are made early in the Fall.

Qualified candidates should:

  • Offer appropriate entertainment for family audiences;
  • Be willing to perform 2-3 times over the course of the First Night Saratoga program;
  • Have simple technical requirements, and efficient set-up and transition between acts;
  • Be available on Wednesday, December 31, 2008, between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Applications will be reviewed by the Artist Selection Committee, and artists will be selected based on originality, artistic merit, financial and technical feasibility, appropriateness for family audiences, and contribution to a diverse program.

Due to the complexity of a First Night event, stage management and performers must work cooperatively and efficiently. Set-up time must be kept to a minimum (20 minutes or less) and lengthier set-ups and sound checks must be arranged in advance. Please remember that there may be an act performing on the same stage as you, prior to your performance. Applicants are encouraged to select material that lends itself to quick set-up and breakdown. Please be specific as to which materials you will be supplying and which you will need from First Night crews.

Due to the number of Artists and performance sites, First Night will require, in most cases, that each artist supply their own sound equipment and sound operator that evening, and in many cases, lighting set-ups. In the past, many performers have shared some sound equipment and operational needs.

First Night Saratoga is a community-wide event supported through non-profit and corporate sponsorship. As a celebration of the arts, it is important that First Night Saratoga artists are fairly compensated. They strive to give their artists a positive performance experience, and a level of promotion which creates additional value. In return, they appreciate artist consideration of their status as a non-profit event to benefit the YMCA of Saratoga when structuring their fee.

First Night Saratoga strongly prefers artists to supply as much equipment as possible, and technical needs may impact selection decisions.