F-Pac Records Management



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Founded in 2006, F-Pac Records is based in New York City area, and has been successful at sending it's artist over seas on their own tours, as well as getting artists deals in other countries. F-Pac Records is currently seeking to expand their roster, and accepts music from r&b, alternative, pop, hip hop, and grunge artists. While many of their current projects fall under the hip hop, pop, and r&b genres, they are looking to expand their reach to alternative and grunge.

F-Pac Records is focused on providing the best for the artist. In order to get their artists to the next level, F-Pac supports their artists through radio, online, and independent television pushes as well as through traditional promotion. They are looking for artists who have specific, realistic goals already in mind, as well as artists who have had success reaching these goals on their own to a certain extent.

F-Pac Records is currently managing 4 artists, which gives them the chance to pay full attention to the artistsÂ’ specific needs, unlike larger companies. This year, they were able to secure a Japanese tour for their artist Kokujin Tensai, who toured Japan for a month in March of 2007. He gained tens of thousands of fans in the process.