GoodSoundsGood Monthly Showcase

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GoodSoundsGood isn't just about music. The music industry is changing and everyone is looking for new ideas and business models to keep the music alive in a sales structure and format which is now becoming obsolete as CD sales dwindle. Like every industry adapts to new innovation and technology, independent musicians are using this to their advantage. Indies can create higher quality recordings for less and use the internet to spread the word and create buzz - but word of mouth and community is something to not be overlooked. As music fans turn their backs on the limited scope of popular music readily available through traditional means of distribution. A new breed of music fan has emerged, scoping out local scenes to find music they love. This “super-fan” is committed to the long-term careers of their favorite artists and get involved in their community and are the future of the music industry.

GoodSoundsGood is a Canadian artist collective made up of eight musicians who are creating such a community in their hometown of Toronto, Ontario. With a diverse range of musical genres and a strong female majority, GSG satisfies all music lovers taste-buds by releasing quality albums consistently. The collective started in the summer of 2006, when two singers decided to call up many of their favorite artists and invite them to a potluck to formulate a plan for a new music collective. A group of fantastic artists answered the call and GoodSoundsGood was born!

Each week, the group has a meeting - a potluck, a BBQ, a jam session, or whatever else comes to mind. These meetings give birth to new and exciting ideas on how to draw attention to not only the collective – but to independent music as a whole, the alternative to mainstream radio. The atmosphere, energy and positive buzz created when GoodSoundsGood gets together leaves all the members with a renewed drive for their own careers, as well as for the success of GSG. And it’s very easy for all of them to get excited – they all truly LOVE each others’ music and have naturally become close friends. In such a competitive and often heartless industry, GSG decided to follow the path of artistic camaraderie and feel their “strength in numbers” is what will take them to a higher level of exposure.

Since GSG's inception, they have organized and executed a full year of monthly showcases at the historic Cameron House on Queen Street West, inviting guest artists and artisans in the community to share their work. One of these shows was a benefit for “Music Box”, a local children's music charity – a cause GSG is interested in further raising money for. They have moved their showcases to the Supermarket in Kensington Market due to capacity being reached at the Cameron. Lastly, they have released a compilation CD including a group cover song of their take on the Gershwin classic “Lady Be Good” on new dropcard technology and have secured an online fanbase through their website and internet promotion.

Starting March, 2009 GSG will reserve a spot for one Sonicbids member for every monthly showcase (first tuesday of every month). It will be hosted at The Supermarket is located in the heart of Kensington market ( All Genres are accepted; Compensation is as follows:

  • $40 commission off the door to GoodSoundsGood
  • The rest of the money made at the door is split equally three ways between the acts.
  • Cover is $6 at the door so the more people you bring out the more you will make.

Past Artists Include:

Tanika Charles, Melissa Bathory, Emma-Lee, Clare Love, blueVenus, Sarah Shafey, Moulann, Saidah Baba-Talibah, Emer, Kirsten Jones, Provincial Parks, Wendy Leung, Melissa Dalton, Shawn Jurek, Lara Martin, Stefi Beck, Christina Maria, Marinda & Solari, Mike Celia, Sean Pinchin, Jennie Laws, Taffy, Oliver Pigott, Leh-lo, Laura Fernandez, Styrofoam Ones, Michael Johnston, and many more.