409 Entertainment's HAPSOL Compilation

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409 Records is currently searching for artists for its next compilation CD: HAPSOL. HAPSOL is a music genre combining the heart and soul of R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Pop, and we want only the most talented performers and singer/songwriters for the compilation. Our first CD compilation dates back to 1980, with corporate sponsorship by Miller High Life, and the Rock to Riches Tour. If you have the skills and the next hit song, then register today. We will choose the Top 15 songs to be included on the compilation, which is scheduled for a mid-January release.

The initial pressing will be for , and a second pressing maybe possible provided each artist assists in local/regional promotion.Worldwide distribution will begin January 15, 2007 through iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Yahoo, MTV, Virgin, AOL, Sony Connect, Rhapsody, MusicMatch, MSN, Walmart, Burn Lounge, iMesh, Beon, Akuma, iMusic, Chaos, Sound Buzz, OnGEN, Pixbox, Yanga, Max, and more. Additionally, copies of the CD will be given to our colleagues and recording executives at some of the major music conferences that we attend throughout the country.

Artists selected to appear on the compilation will NOT be asked to pay any additional costs for production, manufacturing, etc. Any royalties made from sales of the CD will go towards recouping these initial costs. After full recoupment, each artist will be paid a $.25 royalty for each CD sold and $.02 per song sold online. Each artist will receive 10 complimentary CDs, with additional copies available for purchase for $5.99 each.

With moderate success of this CD, the possibility will exist for a tour, as well as for an independent album release of original music for one or more of the TOP selling artists on the compilation. 409 Entertainment produces and distributes numerous successful artists including rock band Blinded by Zeus (www.myspace.com/blindedbyzeusbbz) and R&B/Rap artist Beaux featuring Breez (www.myspace.com/beauxbreez).