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Hillgrass Bluebilly specializes in the stompin', howlin' roots fury that you need. They are a record label, booking agency, concert & tour promotion vehicle with chapters across the country. Hillgrass Bluebilly also provides expertise in finding music for special events, film, and TV./n/nHillgrass Bluebilly is a franchised LLC specializing in gettin' you the balls out (real gritty), stompin, howlin roots fury that you need. They are a record label, booking agency, concert & tour promotion vehicle. Hillgrass Bluebilly also provides expertise in finding music for special events, film & television.

Comin in hot & heavy, their ranks are expanding at an alarming rate. Conceived in 2004 by proprietors Keith Mallette & Ryan Tackett, it is clear that the takeover has begun as they've opened 6 fully operational chapters throughout the United States & planted a shiny new headquarters deep in the heart of Austin Texas. The mission is set to reach a goal of 15 to 18 franchised chapters into to 2009. Hillgrass Bluebilly has booked & promoted over 500 concerts & events and are comin' to a town near you!

In the current music market of the digital age, a breakdown of the roots and Americana movement has occurred. The white noise of cheap & accessible downloads has drawn a rift between artists and their would be core audiences. It would seem as though no one is adventuring to listen outside their playlists. Hillgrass Bluebilly makes you listen! Rounding up an incredible line up of acts, ensuring if you are drawn to one, you’ll love the others, putting the hunger back into the listening experience & ever expanding our "Dirty Foot Family". This is the new sound of the old ways, a rebirth of passion, conviction & instrumentation, an equality of sound and skill that isn't trying to sell you anything, just bringing TRUTH, back to its roots.

Another outlet they use to create accessibility to customers and clients is their involvement in film, television & radio. Several artists in the Hillgrass Bluebilly family have lent their talent to these mediums, the most recent being Slowboat Films: The Folksinger along with song appearances in the movie, The Waitress and television series such as My Name is Earl and Dog - The Bounty Hunter and live appearances on The Jerry Springer Show.

Please help spread the word of Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment by adding them in your top friends, reposting concerts & bulletins as it pertains to your region, even if you can’t make it to a particular concert or event, but support in general or simply throw one of our banners on your Myspace page. They may not be for everybody, but if you are not afraid of the truth, your heart will believe what they expose to your ears.

When you look around outside of Hillgrass Bluebilly in local bars and venues throughout all of their chapters, you see a pretty consistent theme at shows: same old, same old. No “real” organization or name to get behind, and not a whole lot of staying power in the memories of those that attend. Hillgrass Bluebilly is forging a new path. All you gotta do is scan the eager faces at Hillgrass Bluebilly concerts & events. It also serves to notice the sea of Hillgrass Bluebilly hats & shirts whose imagery is almost as loud as their wearers shouts of support echoing the thanks they get from the bands on stage and in interviews and small talk type situations. Slowly but surely, they will ultimately make the supply fulfill the growing demand their spreading reputation is creating.

They are set up to spider web, creating Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment franchised chapters in every time zone in the U.S. eventually extending the mission abroad to European & Australian facilities.

Go ahead and ask anyone that knows. Hillgrass Bluebilly has their sleeves rolled up and are swingin big balls and clinched fists right smack dab in the middle of this fight. They are not sitting on a hilltop a few miles back, telling you how it's goin' down while thumbing their butts. They have a very strong foothold on the movement, and invite you to march along side us. It doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you do it with all of your heart and conviction because its what you do, who you love and why you are here. Take stand & hold firm, there isn't 20 men alive that can stop one of us from doing what’s in our heart. All in all, if you aren't afraid of the truth, welcome. If you believe what you see & hear with Hillgrass Bluebilly, its because they aren't trying to sell you on anything. This is as stripped down and raw as it gets. They stand behind their efforts and their fans and aim to never let you down! Please write or call with any questions, concerns or comments. If you made it through all this, go flag Hillgrass Bluebilly on your chest and buy a shirt at www.dirtyfootfamily.com - myspace.com/hillgrassbluebilly - twitter.com/hillgrass