Evolution Eyes Productions: Hip-Hop Collaboration Project

Posted by:  Evolution Eyes Productions


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Evolution Eyes Productions is seeking instrumental tracks for its Hip-Hop Collaboration Project. Tracks will be compiled into a pool for other artists to remix or rap over. The best tracks from these collaborations will be featured in the final compilation release. The final release's name and price will be chosen democratically and all artists receive a share of the profits./n/nEvolution Eyes Productions presents a unique opportunity called the Hip-Hop Collaboration Project. Here's how it works: they will accept submissions and create a pool of tracks that accepted artists can use to be remixed, rapped over, etc. All remixes, collabs, and selected instrumentals will then be compiled and considered for the final compilation release. All profits from the project will be distributed equally to artists over through PayPal.

Artists will be evaluated based on their sound, press kit, and other factors. Submitted tracks should be instrumental and in the hip hop, hip hop, nu jazz, down tempo, acapella, spoken word, and/or break beat genres. Hipihop tracks submitted that already include vocals will be considered for remixing by other selected artists and DJs.

The final release will consist of two parts. Part one will be complete tracks with vocal, while part two will be instrumental. It will be released under a democratically selected artist name/handle. Credits for individual artists will be listed for each track. The price of the compilation will also be decided democratically. There will be a base minimum and from there fans can choose what price to pay. All artists will have unlimited free downloads codes to give out for promotions and sell at shows. Profits from download codes sold by the artist are kept by the artist.

All samples must either be in the creative commons, or used with permission - no exceptions. Artist will be held legally responsible for uncleared samples. Evolution Eyes Productions will not accept artists whose lyrics speak about degrading women, gang banging, or other similar topics.

This is a great opportunity to work with new people, and to cross-collaborate, and promote your music.