Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) 2009 - Round 5

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The Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) offers artists from around the globe exposure and connectivity to the most influential professionals and organizations in the music industry that can truly make a difference in an artist's career. For example, the HMMA is the only entity in the world that has the Guild Of Music Supervisors (GMS) as a review and voting body, comprised of the most successful music supervisors on the planet. GMS info and mission statement can only be found on the HMMA web site.


In addition to high-profile exposure, recognition and the award itself, winners will receive prize packages including:

  • A recording session with Brave New Network and airplay on its syndicated radio program. The radio program is carried on over 600 college radio stations with over 5 million listeners!! Recoding sessions take place at a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion studio at NO COST to the artist.
  • A $1,000 "Featured Artist of the Week" advertising & promotion package delivered to over 3,600 radio stations worldwide, courtesy of AirPlay Direct!
  • Non-exclusive licensing deals with some of the country's most successful libraries that provide music to the largest ad agencies in the world. Licensing companies include WACBIZ, Hummingbird Productions and Ford Music Services, to name just three.
  • All nominees will walk the event's red carpet and receive press coverage, interviews and recognition.
  • The HMMA will be shot and post-edited for a televised broadcast on the America Unleashed Network in 18 countries and U.S. Territories, reaching an estimated 120 million households.


The HMMA recognizes music based on creative merit and not popularity, airplay, sales or label affiliation. HMMA nominees are reviewed and selected by the HMMA Selections Committee and Guild of Music Supervisors (GMS) membership. Award recipients are determined by a vote of the HMMA Producers, Selections Committee, the GMS membership and the HMMA Advisory Board, populated by highly qualified industry professionals. HMMA voting is internal and confidential and winners are revealed only during the awards show.


Any artist who has original music recordings. Thirty-five different music styles and categories are accepted and represented.


The HMMA recognizes and honors music in visual mediums, the talented individuals responsible for it, and the music of both mainstream and independent artists from around the globe for their compositions and recordings in all forms of media including film, TV, video games, commercial advertisements, movie trailers and music videos. The HMMA is also the first music awards to recognize and honor excellence in music supervision.

The HMMA will be presented, in conjunction with the Music in Media Interactive Conference (MiMiCON), on Thursday, November 19th, 2009 at The Highlands venue in the world famous Hollywood & Highlands complex in Hollywood, CA. This red-carpet event features live performances, award presentations, a VIP reception, special guest celebrity appearances and banquet dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck®. The event is open to the public but will sell out weeks before show date.

Terms And Conditions

All works submitted must be the Artist's original work. Anyone submitting works for consideration represent that they are the creators of the works submitted and/or own the rights to enter the works for consideration.

The HMMA is accepting entries for the 2009 year and reserves the right to open and close the submission deadline(s) as deemed by HMMA.

Materials entered should be no more than 5 minutes in length.

Songs will be judged based on melody, composition and lyrics (when applicable). The quality of performance and production will also be considered, especially where applicable such as in the production category.

The HMMA's reserve the right to re-categorize entries and/or combine categories at its discretion.

For further info, FAQs and up-to-date news, visit the HMMA web site: http://www.hmmawards.com