HometownBandstand.com Monthly Online Battle of the Bands

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Hometownbandstand.com: Home of Band Bunny

HometownBandstand conducts monthly online Battle of the Bands contests for artists in the state of Georgia. The battle is open to artists of all ages, all genres. They also hold local shows and events throughout Georgia and will be expanding to other states shortly. HometownBandstand is a music forum for local and regional bands. It is a meeting place for fans and bands.

The first place Band/Artist will receive a free feature Band Bunny video interview. A copy of this interviewed will be given to the band and may be duplicated if they wish. The interview will be featured on the HometownBandstand website and submitted to YouTube.com as well.

Artists competing in the monthly Battle of the Bands contest will need to first register on the site (free) and load in the songs they would like to have fans hear. They will experience priceless exposure to new fans just by registering on the site. More than one song may be submitted for the contest, (artists are able to load a large number of songs on the site).

The prizes for this month's battle include:

  • Top 8 bands featured on compilation CD

  • Top 3 bands included in front page feature story on all Hometowntimes.com news sites (12 million hits per month)

  • Top 3 bands perform at June 3rd concert at local venue

  • Top 3 bands will receive a video copy of their live performance at the feature show, which they may duplicate or utilize for sale or promotional use.
  • Top 3 bands will receive 1 free registration to an upcoming HometownBandstand contest (good for up to 6 months).

    Winner receives all of the above plus:

  • Studio time at Rockstar (Atlanta)

  • 8 hours recording studio time at Groove Tunes Studios (Alpharetta, GA)

  • $150 gift certificate to Guitar Center

  • 25 custom tshirts

  • In-store CD signing at Criminal Records

  • Podcast interview with Band Bunny featured on Hometownbandstand.com and all hometowntimes.com news sites

    HometownBandstand.com holds monthly Battle of the Bands contests that generally begin on the first of each month and run through NOON on the 23rd of the month. Bands are allowed to enter a contest while it is in progress, up until the 10th of the month, however, EARLY REGISTRATION IS RECOMMENDED. A 'vote' is recorded every time a song is played.

    The April 2007 event received over 18,000 music streams with 25 bands entered in the contest. Their large audience is due in part to being featured on all HometownTimes.com news sites, located around Atlanta, which increases their exposure to 13 million hits per month.

    Hometown Bandstand has had rapid growth and acceptance in the local music scene. Future plans include regional and national competitions as their sponsorship grows.