Hot Soup Records Presents: Hottest 16 Bars Emcee Search

Posted by:  Hot Soup Records


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Hot Soup Records is a Los Angeles based record label specializing in unsigned/independent hip-hop from all over the country. We are currently seeking artists for our Winter 2006 promotional compilation album. In our efforts to expand our fan base, we've started an emcee competition to find some of the best up-and-coming emcees and vocalists in the country. If you can put together the "Hottest 16 Bars" and you want to get some exposure on the streets of LA, then you definitely want to be on this compilation.

To participate in this competition, each artist must download the “Hottest 16 Bars” track from the Hot Soup website and record their own hot 16 bars using the track as a base. The winner of the competition will then have their verse appear on the Fireworks Volulme 2 Compilation. The winner will receive 20 copies of the completed CD, one “Hot Soup” T-shirt, and invaluable exposure from being involved in the project. Your song will be sent around the country to various DJs for radio and mix tape consideration, and your profile will be featured on the Hot Soup website for 6 months following the release of the album.

All entries will receive 1 copy of the Fireworks Volume 1 CD regardless of whether or not they are selected.