Houston Fair Compilation CD

Posted by:  Jennifer Grassman


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"A Collection of Indie Genius," Houston Fair is a Compilation CD produced by Jennifer Grassman to showcase Houston's most talented, most accomplished, and most popular musicians!

We intend to feature up to 20 songs, one for every chosen artist, to be included on the Compilation. This CD will be distributed at CD Stores, Bookstores, Music Venues, Clothing Stores, Concerts, Festivals, Online, and will be reviewed in Magazines, Newspapers, Webzines, and on Television. Advertisements for the CD will be posted on up to 50 Internet Music Websites and through Radio, TV, and Printed Media.

PLUS! The Artists who are chosen to be featured on the CD, will be given all the contact information we use to market, publicize, sell, and critique the CD. In other words, you will be given the resources to get your music reviewed, publicized, sold, and aired at the same outlets we employ to market and distribute Houston Fair.

In addition to all the marketing information, we will GIVE each featured artist 20 CDs, so that they can give them as gifts to their street team, or offer customers a "Buy My CD, Get Houston Fair Free" deal.

Sound like a good deal? Maybe too good to be true? Here is the one and only catch: In order to duplicate, supply a bar code, professionally print and shrink wrap 1,000 copies of Houston Fair, we will have to fork out about $1,400! To cover this, we are asking every artist/band THAT IS CHOSEN TO BE FEATURED to donate $70 toward the duplication. But, considering all the free work we're doing to promote the CD and the free information we're sharing, we think it's a darn good offer.

Consequentially, we think Houston Fair is a fantastic idea. We've already gotten over 40 emails from interested bands, and we've received submissions from some of them too.

You must be Independent, Professionally Produced, Based in, Marketing, and Regularly Performing in the Houston Area.