Human Factor Licensing Consideration – Winter 2012

Posted by:  Human Factor


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This listing is for a “Library Placement.” If you are selected, this promoter will add you to their library of music to shop to clients who need music, but this does not guarantee placement.

Human Factor is a well known and respected music licensing company based in Washington DC. They are currently looking for instrumental music in contemporary pop and TV underscore genres to become part of a catalog that is used for programming by Human Factor's TV, video and film clients. Tracks must be of the highest quality in performance, production, and song construction.

Selected artists will be offered a non-exclusive agreement which allows their accepted songs to be included in the Human Factor catalog. If your music is used by Human Factor's clients you will receive royalties for each airing of your composition through your Performing Rights Organization (such as ASCAP or BMI). If applicable, synchronization or licensing fees will be split 50/50 by Human Factor and the selected artist. The Human Factor Music Catalog is regularly searched by the music supervisors at major broadcast networks such as Discovery Network, MTV and its affiliates.

The deal is completely non-exclusive so you can license your music with other companies as you see fit. All applicants will need to be affiliated with ASCAP, BMI or any non-United States Performance Rights Organization that has a reciprocal agreement with either ASCAP or BMI.

Submit your strongest song. If we like it, we’ll listen to others in your EPK.

The Human Factor Philosophy:

Human Factor knows music is best when it comes from the soul. That's why their productions all contain organic elements - keeping it real and full of feeling. When they look at the business of music, they do the same thing. Business of any kind is all about relationships and the entertainment business more than most. That's why every artist and client interaction at Human Factor has a personal touch. Join the Human Factor family and let them help you make more of your music career.