HybridHouse Chillout Australian Tour Service - Perth, WA, Australia

Posted by:  Hybridhouse Events


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This is the LAST CHANCE to submit to Hybrid House Events to have them support your pre-arranged tour with bookings that suit your needs. Hybrid House does not charge a start up fee for services undertaken, but instead are a commission based company: they only get paid when you get paid!/n/nHybrid House Events has been conducting cheap touring support service around Australia for over a year now. They are once again on the lookout for artists who would love for a booking agency to support their pre-arranged tour with bookings that suit their needs.

Hybridhouse is currently looking for "chillout" acts. Acts that have the elements that would be found in wine bars and wineries, and boutique drinking venues.

Hybrid House differs from other bookings services in that they do not charge a start up fee for services undertaken. They offer advice and touring support at commission based levels. This means is that they get paid when you get paid!

Not only do they operate on commission based fees but they also offer support for your tour. Typically this includes looking at affordable accommodation, transport and promotional assistance for your tour.

With all this based upon commission, you must be thinking whats the catch?

Unlike other businesses they won't lie to you. The only catch is this you must to prepared to tour! They really like to encourage acts with an high motivation to succeed in the music market place to drop us a line.

Hybridhouse currently serves 4 artists and are interested in arranging touring options for contemporary music genres. They don't do cover bands and cabaret.

They are primarily seeking:

  • Acoustic/Folk Acts

  • Pop/Rock Acts

  • Contemporary lounge,blues,jazz and funk

  • Jazz/Funk/Groove Electronica

  • Trip Hop

  • VJ acts with lounge

  • Wood Instrumental Acts

  • Atmospheric Experimental

They also love to hear from acts that have a visual approach for their shows, either visual arts or dressing up.