IGF Music Publishing (old)

Posted by:  In Good Faith Entertainment, Ltd.


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IGF Music Publishing, a New York City based publishing company administered through ASCAP, is aggressively seeking the best independent music available for promotion to film, television, advertising campaigns, video games and record labels in search of fresh material. IGF's goal is to help musicians fully exploit the opportunities that become available on a daily basis, while compiling one of the most dynamic libraries of independent music in the world.

In a nutshell, IGF is looking for your 3 best songs. Every submission will receive an impartial, constructive critique by our qualified board of advisors, made up of music and entertainment industry professionals. If IGF feels there is commercial potential, you will be contacted immediately upon review to hear more of your catalog and discuss plans as to where IGF thinks your music should be shopped. If your music isn't quite "ready for prime time", IGF will offer pointers on how to make your songs more commercially viable, and ask that you resubmit at a later date. IGF then offers qualifying songwriters a one-year, non-exclusive publishing deal where they will aggressively seek out licensing opportunities for select songs. All music must be original (no cover songs), and the submitting artist(s) MUST be the original copyright owner(s).

You've worked hard at crafting meaningful songs. Don't you think it's time to put your music to work so you can start earning? Submit now. It could possibly turn out to be the smartest investment you've ever made in your music career!