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Impose is a 20,000 circulation, Plug-nominated magazine, a website and a record label that attempts to cover music diversely and thoroughly. There's nothing too obscure for Impose.

And if you think Impose is cool, well, you're wrong. Impose are the nerds of the music magazine business. Impose likes music for the sake of liking music. If you can listen to a metal album after a hip-hop album, after an indie-rock album, after a punk album, after a country album, after a dance album, after a hardcore album, but before a jazz record, then Impose is the mag for you. Impose also rocks it old-skool, DIY style. Although it's becoming increasing popular to "sell-out," Impose is more into being poor and giving away its services. That's right itÂ’s free!

The magazine is made by music professionals and lovers from all over the US but is distributed in record stores, coffee shops, music venues and to subscribers all over the world. Impose is distributed in key markets like Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, LA, Portland, etc and through awesome partnerships, is also distributed with mail order purchases through companies like Fat Beats, Smart Punk, etc.

In addition to the print edition, which comes out quarterly, the website, which is updated daily also receives an average of 40,000 unique visitors per month.