Independent Artist Music Management

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Independent Artist Music Management is a band management and music managing organization dedicated to independent music. They are focused on promoting jam, jazz, funk, and rock music and the bands that perform the creative indie sound.

I AMM is currently seeking talented new artists in New York,Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and the entire New England area to join them with their great music.

Their management efforts in the music industry assist in the promotions of music, CDs, concerts and live performances, web site and online presence, your live performances, and merchandise. The goal at IAMM is to guide your music, helping it to flow it where it needs to go, creating a larger buzz, and delivering it to the industry professionals.

Part of their management responsibilities are to assist you with producing and recording an album, touring and playing live gigs, setting up your band business and hiring your staff, assisting with merchandising and attending to all of the details you don’t want to deal with. They will help you to stay organized, and gain new exposure throughout the country.