Indie104 - iRADIO LA (Apr-Jul '13)

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Indie104 - iRADIO LA, voted as the first "Internet Radio Station Of The Year" by New Music Weekly Magazine, is the world's first and most popular independent radio station, playing 100% original music by unsigned bands 24/7/365. Since 1998, iRADIO LA has broken the sound barriers with stellar programming that quenches the world's thirst for great new music, one wave after another. Indie104 ~ iRADIO LA is an online streaming station available on the web and on cell phones.

Featured shows hosted by top producers include, Indie Traffic Jam, Colorado Wave, Indie Music Wave, On The Horizon, Top 40 Show, BACA Nation, and a steady stream of awesome, socially-conscious programming. Indie104 ~ iRADIO LA will keep you tuned in and turned on to the hottest music format on earth. Indie 104 is leading the way in brave new music, including Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country-Rock, Alt-Rock, and World Beat.

Terms And Conditions

Blue Denim Productions Terms Of Agreement

This letter serves as an umbrella license to grant permission to Blue Denim Productions and all affiliates to use copyrighted material royalty free for airplay:

By submitting material to Blue Denim Productions, you represent and warrant that:

We, our customers and licensees shall not be required to make any payments with respect to material that you submit to our sites, including, but not limited to, payments to you, third parties, music publishers, mechanical rights agents, performance rights societies, persons who contributed to or appear in your materials, your licensors, unions or guilds;

You have full right and power to enter into and perform under these Terms, and have secured all third-party consents, licenses and permissions necessary to enter into and perform under these Terms;

The material that you submit to Blue Denim Productions does not contain "samples" of any third party's sound recording or musical composition and will not infringe on any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights, rights of publicity or privacy or moral rights;

The material that you submit is not and will not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation; The material that you submit is not and will not be defamatory, trade libelous, pornographic or obscene;

You are at least eighteen years of age.

By executing this document, the undersigned Artist grants to Blue Denim Productions, its designated affiliates and business partners, a non-exclusive license to do all of the following:

* Publicly perform and display, for broadcasting purposes only, the sound recordings, musical compositions, and/or other audio or audio/visual materials submitted (hereinafter referred to as submitted materials) by the Artist to Blue Denim Productions.
* Blue Denim Productions shall further be permitted to encode, edit, alter, modify, reproduce, transmit, manufacture, distribute and synchronize with visual images the aforementioned submitted materials for the sole purpose of broadcasting the material, in whole or in part, as part of any broadcast produced or sponsored by Blue Denim Productions, syndicated or otherwise.
* Make the audio portion of submitted materials accessible as audio streams
* Use Artists trademarks, service marks or trade names, including the likeness of Artist whose performance(s) or image(s) is (are) contained in the submitted materials for the limited and sole purpose of promotion of the submitted materials and Blue Denim Productions shows or broadcasts. Artists do not relinquish any of their trademark, service mark or trade name rights and Blue Denim Productions (or related entities) use of Artists trademarks, service marks and/or trade names for sale, profit, in-kind transfer to a third party or other benefit to Blue Denim Productions, its affiliates, associates, business partners or other parties is strictly prohibited.

Notwithstanding any provision of this document to the contrary, Blue Denim Productions shall be strictly prohibited from:

* Creating, sampling, copying, or distributing any audio or audio/visual recording or other formatted product that contains the submitted materials for the purpose of sale or in-kind transfer to a third party for profit or other benefit to Blue Denim Productions, its affiliates, associates, business partners or any other party.
* Creating or endorsing any unlicensed and/or pirated compilations (including but not limited to phonograph records, compact discs, MP3s, sound recordings, or audio/visual materials on any medium now known or developed in the future), which contain or are derived from the submitted materials.
* Soliciting, obtaining, or maintaining television, motion picture, DVD or other promotional material synchronization rights for or related to the submitted materials.

Each provision of this document shall be considered separable, and if for any reason, any provision(s) contained herein are determined to be invalid, unenforceable or contrary to any existing or future law, the invalidity shall not impair the operation of those remaining portions of this document which remain valid.

If Blue Denim Productions ceases operations they must NO LONGER use any of the selections and/or material stated herein for broadcast, promotional or other purposes.

Artist or Blue Denim Productions reserves the right to void this agreement at anytime.