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More than 200 performing artists and songwriters from around the world will visit Nashville's Music Row from Oct. 4-6 (Friday-Sunday) for the Independent Music Fest. Performers and songwriters will take the stage noon-midnight Friday-Sunday at multiple entertainment venues.

Mentoring sessions from 12pm - 6pm on Friday-Sunday. Mentors will be available to answer your questions about the music industry.

The annual Indie Music Masquerade will feature costumed dancing from 7pm - 12am on October 5th.

Terms And Conditions

Performing at the Fest: The Fest is open to all forms of songwriting and genres of music. Nashville has a broad based music industry that includes Rock, Contemporary Christian/Gospel, Pop and all other types of genres, not just Country.

On stage, play solo, duo or with others to get your message out.

If you have someone accompanying you, they will need to have a general admissions pass.

For Bands, One Play Pass for the registered performer and general admission passes for each band member will be required. If everyone wants their own slots then they will need to obtain separate Play passes.

Everybody has their own style and creative process. So you may....personally perform solo Photos by Keeli_4playing an instrument or.... have a friend play for you while you sing or.....have someone else perform your original song for you.... or sing it acapella or.... Pre recorded background tracks are allowed but personal playing of performance preferred. The choice is yours.

Come to be yourself, relax and get back to the basics. The rest will take care of itself. Most music magic happens off stage.

Performance Specifics: Registrants will be scheduled to perform 3 songs each, for each day they attend the festival on a different stage. You may stand or use chairs.

There are multiple stages. The Play Schedule will be posted online, emailed to you and press released September 17th, 2012. (Do not print out the play schedule until Thursday before the fest.) There may be subtle or last minute adjustments.

Check the play schedule daily by 11:30 am the weekend of the fest. The play schedule is made up of people just like yourself.

Writers pick up their passes when they arrive by checking in at the Fest Info Booth. The booth is located in the lounge area of the Best Western.

Stage Mechanics: Please check in near the sound board at the stage you are scheduled to play at 30 minutes in advance of your slot. Either the sound man or the stage manager will have the Play Schedule. Find them. If you are late for your slot a substitution may be made by the stage manager or move up to the next scheduled writer in line. Check in and hang around. Don't leave and come back. Get ready and be ready.

Their will be 3 mics and 3 plug ins. The stages are designed to plug and play. Each stage will have a sound person. To save time you may just introduce yourself and start jamming.

Performers are responsible for providing their own instruments. The Fest provides all other needs, ie cords, mics, PA, etc...

Small band units are welcome. If you must have percussion, you have only one mic. Use bongos, brushes on a suit case, single snare, etc. (get quick and creative.) No drum kits, special amps, etc. The fest is more about the song and the writer. It's Plug into the sound board via a direct box and play.