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Injoi Music is currently in search of multiple types of music (open to any and all genres, if it fits the request - noted below) for what will initially be a small project for Inspired Entrepreneurs and hopefully will grow into an eventual 6 CD series - for a bigger release. Music is needed ASAP.

Songs need to be fully produced and completed. They need to be either public domain songs, songs written by you (originals) and/or co-writers/colleagues), or cover songs- that you or they can sign off and release mechanical royalties (no publishing will be paid - except on a few, if chosen, well known cover songs).

A to be determined one time royalty will be paid per track. Your website address WILL be include in the packaging as well along with the potential for photo and info.

1,000 units initially will be the first test run for this CD concept. This is a international/non-exclusive usage deal to include the option of digital downloads.

What kind of music will be in this compilation? The categories include:

  • Play Enhancer

  • Celebrate Human Spirit

  • Transition & Centering

  • Revved for Success

  • Energy Flow/Cash Flow

What is this CD for? People take inspiration and profound visceral understanding from my exercises and your music to find personal paths to success. After the workshops, participants will utilize this CD as a soundtrack for their work. It helps them start the day with playful intentions, gain energy when they need to rally, and reflect on the learnings of the moment.

The Intuitive Plan Compilation (merging songs from all the themes noted below and the 1st CD to be compiled)

  • CD #1-Play Enhancer: instrumental; encourages whimsy; lyrical and playful; it's as if the music tickles you and makes you feel good. Instrumentals preferred - Songs with lyrics,if they work, welcome.

  • CD #3 - Celebrating the Human Spirit: gets the energy up, life affirming and loving words, celebrating life, upbeat story-Songs with lyrics preferred - and instrumentals if they work welcome.

  • CD #4 -Transition & Centering: instrumental; feels like the music takes you on a journey, introspective, world music usually ( "New Age" with some vitality to it), tends to be longer than shorter, carries the listener through something.

  • CD #5 - Revved for Success: psych-up music, driving rhythm, songs with a pulse¬ógets you going and moving.

    Songs with lyrics and instrumentals welcome.

  • CD #5 - Energy Flow/Cash Flow: Celebrates positive money/energy flow. Need Lyrics.

    Both instrumentals and vocals are welcomed and will be considered unless otherwise indicated.

    Important: Vocal/lyrics must fit style and be positive and uplifting! - nothing negative, depressing or melancholy etc. for any track!