Inkslingers Ball Compilation CD

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Worldwide Tattoo Tour Producers are seeking music for inclusion on the Worldwide Tattoo Tour Compilation CD, to be released at Sam Ash stores throughout Orange County in order to promote the 15th annual Inkslingers Ball Worldwide Tattoo Tour. The Ball will be happening for the first time at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on April 21-23, 2006. We will also be seeking live acts to perform at the event.

We are seeking bands from the Orange County and surrounding areas with an established fan base to include on the compilation, which will feature music of all styles that appeals to the alternative lifestyle of tattoo, piercing, and fashion enthusiasts.

Virtually a “Who's Who” in the tattoo and entertainment industries, the Inkslingers Ball Worldwide Tattoo Tour is the place to be this April. The convention attracts many celebrities - past attendees include Billy Idol, Brian Setzer, Slim Jim Phantom, Brian O'Neal, Ron Young, Glen Danzig, Ziggy Marley, David Lee Roth, House of Pain, The Mavericks, Motley Crue, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Social Distortion, The Cult, Guns N' Roses and Alice In Chains. Actors attending include: Cher, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Roseanne, William Forsythe, and Tom Arnold, just to name a few! This exciting tattoo conference will take over two entire floors of Anaheim Stadium, and showcase over 200 well-known tattoo artists. Additional booth space will go to vendors serving the counter culture. Current sponsors include Virgin, Sam Ash, Indie 103.1, Suicide Girls, Rockstar, Black Fly, and Silver Star, with many more on the way.

Please note:We will not accept tracks that include profanities.

Terms And Conditions

Selected artists must send the song for inclusion on CD to Envy Records by the due date and return a signed contract as follows:

Inkslingers Ball Compilation Album:

This shall confirm the agreement by and between ENVY RECORDS, (Envy) and TBA (Label) with respect to the performance by TBA (Artist) of the musical composition, Song Title (the Composition) as embodied in the sound recording (the Recording). In consideration of the of the agreements, promises, and covenants set forth herein, and other good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged as received, Envy and Label hereby agree as follows:

1. THE TRACK: Label hereby grants to Envy the right, but not the obligation, to embody the Recording in a long playing compilation record album (the Album) and to manufacture, sell, and distribute the Album in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. The Album shall contain various other compositions performed by various artists, as determined by Envy.

2. COMPENSATION: Label grants the rights set forth herein to Envy on a gratis basis. Accordingly, Envy shall not be obligated to pay Label, or any other person or party with whom Label has entered into any contract (including, without limitation, any producers or other customary royalty participants), any royalties or other fees or costs in connection with the exploitation of the rights granted herein.

3. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES: Label represents and warrants that it (i) owns and controls all rights in and to the Recording; (ii) has the right to grant the rights granted herein; and (iii) Envys exercise of the rights granted herein will not violate or infringe on the rights or interests of any third party including, without limitation, the rights and interests of Artist.

4. PROCEEDS: Envy represents and warrants that 100% of the gross revenues received by Envy in connection with the sale of the Album, less out-of-pockets expenses incurred by Envy, shall be donated to a reputable non-profit organization to help support the arts. A portion of the CDs will be given away for promotional purposes, press, and radio airplay.

5. NAME AND LIKENESS: Label grants to Envy the right to use Artists name, image, likeness and biography in connection with the exploitation of the rights granted herein and the promotion thereof.

6. MORE FORMAL AGREEMENT: The parties hereto agree to negotiate and enter into a more formal agreement which shall contain the terms and conditions of this agreement as well other additional reasonable terms and conditions customary for agreements of this sort. Until such time as the parties enter into said long form agreement, this shall be the sole and complete agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof.

7. MODIFICATION: This agreement shall not be modified except by separate written agreement, executed by each of the parties hereto. If you are in agreement with the foregoing, please have this letter executed and returned to us.