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The Inside Connection music magazine is a nationally distributed monthly music magazine covering all genres of music. Starting November 15th, a new podcast will be produced every month and made available on our website,

Each monthly podcast will feature a different genre. Planned genres include heavy metal, country, alternative, R&B/hip-hop, jazz and pop. Other genres will be considered if enough artists submit their music.

The podcasts will be promoted heavily through The Inside Connection magazine every month, as well as through our weekly radio show on WLIX FM and on our website, We will also be promoting the podcasts to music industry executives such as record label A&R, publicists, producers, radio music programmers and more.

Each podcast will be 30 minutes long, which means that we will use anywhere from 4 to 7 songs per podcast. The number of songs will depend on the length of the songs that we select.

As of October 24, 2006, the upcoming calendar is as follows:

November 15th - "Hard & Heavy"

December 15th - "Jazz"

January 15th - "Country"

February 15th - "Singer/Songwriter"

FUTURE - "Pop", "Hip-Hop"

Please note: We will accept submissions from any genre, any time. Just please understand that the podcasts are genre based so, for example, if you’re a hard rock band who is selected the month after our “Hard & Heavy” podcast, you will have to wait for the next appropriate podcast for us to include your music.