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Posted by:  Jack of all Entertainment, LLC


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Who is Jack?

Jack of all Entertainment is the premier college booking agency in Maryland, working directly with the National Associate for Campus Activities (NACA). Jack provides its artists the opportunity to break into the lucrative college market at a reduced cost with the security of an experienced booking agency.

What can Jack do for you?

Jack of all Entertainment takes the stress out of growing your fan base by representing you, the artist, in at least four regional NACA conferences (Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Northern Plains, and Mid-Atlantic Festival). Jack is responsible for developing and negotiating all contracts with institutions/venues, distributing your quality promotional materials, and providing you with the experienced booking you deserve!

What does Jack expect from you?

Jack of all Entertainment will happily represent you in the college market if you:

  • Have high-quality recordings and videos available that showcase your talent

  • Agree to work with Jack of all Entertainment and any contracted institution/venue with the utmost professionalism

  • Provide professional and eye-pleasing promotional materials to be distributed at conferences

Are you interested?

If you are interested in working with Jack of all Entertainment, submit your EPK so they can get you setup before the next regional NACA conference coming soon! Don’t let the stress of booking colleges keep you from reaching this ever-growing market.

Terms And Conditions

*Note all artists on Jack of all Entertainments Roster will be solely responsible for all fees unless otherwise stated, including but not limited to: NACA Showcase submission and acceptances fees, Promotional materials to be given to students at conferences, photos, video's, travel, hotel rooms etc.

*Jack of all Entertainment will be responsible for contracting artists with venues but are not liable for artists actions that may be detrimental to them selves or the venue and its audience. Artists will pay for all feess for such behavior.

*Jack of all Entertainment will work with artists to determine price for act. Jack of all Entertainment will be entitled to 15%-20% of artists contracted price per gig.