Most Wanted Films presents Jump Out Boys starring DMX

Posted by:  Most Wanted Films


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Most Wanted Films is currently seeking both instrumentals and tracks with vocals to be used in the upcoming feature film “Jump Out Boys” starring DMX. This project will be headed straight to the festival circuit, to be released by Image Entertainment later this year.

As is standard in this type of agreement, there will not be royalty payments, however songwriters will be compensated $100 per track used, given full screen credit and provided with a copy of the finished product. If a soundtrack album is produced, artists selected through Sonicbids will be given preference and will receive appropriate royalties for albums sold.

The DVD has already secured international distribution through major retail chains and outlets.

The following music is needed:

  • Fast paced, dramatic music for car chase scenes, stunt-action scenes
  • Sentimental music when the main character mourns his mother's passing and being alone
  • Intense, frightening music as a hitman prepares to kill someone
  • Majestic, intense, anticipation type music for aerial shots of the New Orleans skyline. Lets the audience know that something is about to happen.
  • Latin music for various scenes in a mexican cantina.
  • Rap music for various transition scenes in the streets.
  • R&B music for various romantic scenes between the main character and his love interest as they get to know one another and fall in love
  • Any orchestra/instrumental type music for slow motion scene as a car flips in mid air.
  • Soft, sentimental music for a scene in which a wife begs her husband to leave the police force
  • Instrumentals for various dialogue scenes.
  • Rock music, hard edge, and soft for various scenes with the main character hitting the streets and questioning people
  • Country music for scenes with our co-star, Kris Kristofferson. he talks about how he loves country music alot.
  • Smooth jazz for various scenes in a dark lit room. A character listens to jazz and talks about how much he loves jazz.
  • "Quirky" music as asian lady makes jokes.
  • Asian music (Chinese, Cantonese) as Asian lady gyrates her waist while demonstrating to a young man how it was done in her day
  • Alternative tracks for scenes in which the main female character sits alone in her room and thinks about how her world is crashing down

    Songs submitted must not contain samples and artists are expected to own the copyright to the material. This is a basic flat fee license and songwriters retain ownership over their materials.