Kampgrounds of America, Inc. Presents: Kampertainment

Posted by:  Kampgrounds of America


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Great people, Great camping and now Great music.

Submit today for the chance to become a KOA Approved Performer and get inside access to nearly 450 KOA campgrounds throughout North America.

KOA is looking for great performers who fit their brand image of “Great people, Great camping”. Performers need to be family friendly and willing to play for approximately 75 minutes in exchange for campground accommodations, a tent or RV site. This exchange is to help offset traveling costs while going from paying gig to paying gig.

KOA Approved Performers are those who can add atmosphere to an event (ice cream social, campfires, wine and cheese tasting, etc). Not only is Kampertainment a great way for performers to save money while “on the road,” but it is also a great way for performers to gain exposure. KOA Approved Performers are welcome to sell their personal materials such as CD's and T-shirts. The genres of music KOA is most interested in are Country, Blues and Folk music. However, they are willing to consider any genre if it is appropriate for the family and peaceful atmosphere of a campground.

This exciting opportunity is a great way to network your music, gain great contacts and establish a fan base in areas other than your home town. KOA campgrounds enjoy new and exciting talent and are looking forward to offering great bands to their campers.

Established in Billings, Montana in 1962, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. is the franchised campground industry leader. Currently, KOA has nearly 450 franchised campgrounds and 25 company owned properties that are open to the public.

Please note that all performers must be 18 and over to be eligible or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Terms And Conditions

You must agree to the following terms in order to become a KOA Approved Performer.

Campground desires to have Entertainer perform for guests at its camping premises, and Entertainer agrees to deliver an entertainment production or program under terms and conditions stated in this agreement.

Entertainer and Campground, each, agrees to notify the other of changes to the agreed schedule for Entertainers production or program at least seven days in advance of the schedule change. If Campground cancels Entertainers scheduled performance and does not provide at least seven days advance notice of the cancellation, it shall, despite the cancellation, deliver the agreed compensation stated in Section 6 below. If Entertainer cancels the scheduled performance and does not provide at least seven days advance notice of the cancellation, Campground will recommend Entertainers removal from the Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) approved-entertainer roster, which may cause either KOA, or other participating KOA franchisees, to cancel all scheduled performances by Entertainer.

Promotion of Entertainers performance is the exclusive right and obligation of Campground, which will promote the performance through its customarily used channels and means.

Campground will provide to Entertainer, and Entertainer agrees to accept as payment-in-full, one night of camping, without charge, for each day or night of performances, at a camping site to be assigned by Campground. For purposes of Entertainers income tax reporting, Entertainer and Campground agree that the monetary value of each night of camping without charge is $[value]. Further, Entertainer will not charge Campgrounds guests any fee, or request any monetary donation from Campgrounds guests for the performance; however, Entertainer may offer to sell merchandise to Campgrounds guests.

The entertainment production performed under this Agreement will be performed entirely at Entertainers risk, and Entertainer assumes all responsibility for the condition of props, instruments, tools, equipment, and any other items or material used in the performance. Entertainer will carry, for the duration of this Agreement, public liability insurance in an amount customary for its business. Entertainer agrees to indemnify Campground for any and all liability or loss arising in any way, regardless of cause, out of its performance. Entertainer represents to Campground, and Campground is relying upon this representation that Entertainer has appropriate licenses from reputable licensing organizations, for example, Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), that authorize Entertainer to perform non-original artistic works included in Entertainers performance that are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.

Campground and Entertainer intend to create only an independent contractor-employer relationship with this Agreement. Campground is interested only in the results to be achieved, and the conduct and control of the performance will lie solely with Entertainer. Entertainer is not an agent or employee of Campground and neither Entertainer, nor any of its employees, if any, is entitled to any of the benefits Campground provides for its employees.