Kanal Blues Internet Radio

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Kanal Blues is an internet radio station specializing in contemporary and independent blues music created by artists from around the world. A great place to gain valuable international exposure for you or your band, they regularly attract 700 blues music fans from 42 countries around the world./n/nKanal Blues is an internet radio station based in Paris, France, broadcasting the best in contemporary and indie blues music by artists from around the world. They stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RedDog Media has committed to selecting at least one artist through Sonicbids.

A great place for your band to get international exposure, they regularly attract 700 blues fans from over 40 countries- only a few months after of going live. Their listener base is broken down by country below:

  1. Germany (39.3%)

  2. United States (17.5%)

  3. France (9.0%)

  4. Poland (5.1%)

  5. Spain (4.7%)

  6. Switzerland (4.5%)

  7. Australia (2.9%)

  8. Hungary (2.6%)

  9. United Kingdom (2.6%)

  10. Other Countries (11.9%)

Artists or Bands are to submit original material for consideration to be included in their ongoing rotation, between 110 and 120 cycles per month. All submissions must be of a professional quality. Submitting artists must own the copyrights to their material. Please listen to the program before submitting if there are doubts and/or questions of eligibility due to style, etc.