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KDUB FM is seeking Music for its overall programming, which airs 24/7 out of Ventura, CA. This station is seeking indie artists for airplay in genres including R&B, hip-hop, rap, reggae and other sub-genres of urban music.

All artists who are selected for airplay on KDUB FM will also be considered for studio interviews that will be aired on future broadcasts. All artists who are played on KDUB FM will be paid appropriate royalties through their performing rights society.

I Did Dat Productions is run by musicians who continue to bring the best that these genres have to offer to the masses. Whether it is political, spiritual or just plain entertainment, the message is to enjoy the music and have fun.

Terms And Conditions

When selecting music we prefer MP3 as this is the digital format we now use internally in our studio. It also makes better use of the internet which is fast becoming a cheaper and more efficient means for musicians to deliver music.

We will still accept CD's in the mail (see below) but be aware that there will be the usual delays in us receiving them and their processing as we have to re-master and play list them manually.

There may also be similar delays with incorrectly mastered MP3's so please note our exact studio requirements and meet as many of them as possible:

An MP3 (WAV, WMA, MP4 etc. are not the same thing).

Stereo at precisely 128K (Lower we can't use, higher someone has to find time to down convert it).

Less than 7 megabytes in size (files larger than this are deleted by the mail server, they will also be too long for airplay).

No leading or ending silence. Audio properly mastered to 0 db, overall no less than -6 db.

The MP3 must be named in the form: artist name-song name-label name.mp3,eg. Pharoah YT-Murderrous Flame-I Did Dat Productions Inc .mp3 (where you have no label name use the word "independent"). The name of the file is the name that will be reported in play lists, without the ending ".mp3

Posting us CD's:

Music Department
35 West Main Street
Suite B #183
Ventura Ca

Make certain you include your email address or you music may not receive airplay

Please Note: Due to the inflexibility of local courier companies we can no longer receive deliveries via courier. You can however send packages to the address above using registered mail.

Delivery Confirmation:

If you post a CD, the post to can be slow sometimes. Once we actually receive your CD release it goes in the IN tray as pending. We will then manually email you letting you know it has arrived. Once you receive the confirmation email follow the instructions to add the CD to the library. In order for music to be considered for airplay the CD track details have to be entered into our database. If you post us a CD and do not receive a delivery confirmation email after approximately 60 days then please contact us

If you email an MP3
you will receive an auto response