2012 Keene Music Festival

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The Keene Music Festival began with a mission to lend support and inspiration to musicians through the creation and production of an annual, outdoor music festival and summer series. They encourage participation by musicians of diverse styles and backgrounds, and the presentation of original musical compositions. All selected artists will receive a free meal and an artist goodie bag.

Now in its twelfth year, The Keene Music Festival tends to draw in between 3,000 and 4,000 attendees over the course of the day, and will host up to 12 music stages, all featuring 60 to 70 local and regional emerging artists. Stages are set up in and around downtown Keene, with the audience able to easily move from one outdoor venue to the next to hear a variety of performers.

The Keene Music Festival is truly a collaborative effort and endeavor. Thanks to the generosity of numerous contributors, it is one of the fastest growing free music festivals in New England. This is a great gig for any artist looking to perform at an intimate and enjoyably low key music festival.

In addition to the actual festival, the Keene Music Festival staff also book talent for their Summer Series, in which artists perform in the downtown square every Friday, and some Saturdays of the summer. Submissions from Sonicbids artists will be considered for the Summer Series and for other events that it sponsors in the community.

Terms And Conditions

Due to our agreement with the City of Keene, we have to ask that there is only original music at our event. This requirement comes out of the city getting burned in the past regarding performing rights royalties, so we have to discourage the performance of anything other than original music or stuff that will bring on the wrath of the performing rights people. They are good folks, but they have their job to do.

We also have to say that it's a family friendly event and obscene language and behavior are also discouraged unless truly in the service of your art. Keep in mind that chewing on any of the audience members is frowned upon in any of our venues (that's for all you zombie bands).

We also strongly discourage public consumption of drugs or alcohol; which is not legal in our town and could land you in the pokey...

Finally, we do love you and your music. We want to support you and appreciate you as much as we can. But we're poorer than a church mouse and create this event using an all volunteer staff on a shoe-string budget. That means, we can't promise any type of compensation other then a free meal and our undying love.

I know we've covered all this before, but we're from the School of Redundancy School; and want to be sure. We are very nice people who like to be upfront about what we're doing. We like hanging out with musicians, because they tend to be very nice people too. All of which makes for a very nice event.

You okay with all of this????