KPR Online Talent Competition

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Why are some people more confident or more successful in the Music Industry? Why do some artists work at it for years and never get anywhere, yet almost daily you hear of some new artist or band on the radio? How did they do it? Don’t record companies have flops? If so, how many? Who finds these artists? Ever wonder? What do you do day-to-day to get discovered? Do you have your own CD? Do you give them out, or do you SELL them? Big difference to your bottom line!

If you think you are ready for the next step, then you have come to the right place. KPR Music Search is a conducting a worldwide talent competition held online where your music and/or video will play for fans worldwide. (This will Not be your typical website or net Radio)Your submission will be reviewed by the executives at KPR Music to see if you are right for the competition.

If selected, you will compete in your own Category so that Rockers are not competing with Pop, Country or R&B, Etc. The fans will then vote for their favorites. This will separate the more popular contestants, from the ones needing more preparation. You must be 16 years old or older to compete. Remember this is to have fans vote for you, so if your music is not appealing to a large group than this may not be for you.

Besides the opportunity to be signed, you will have your music on a site going to Millions of Fans Worldwide. You will be able to link your personal Site and sell Cd’s or promote your shows. This will be a Fantastic opportunity to increase your exposure Worldwide and build
Your Fan base : )

The winner of the competition will be offered a record deal with Knotty Pine Records or Affiliate Label and have an opportunity to open for major label artists.

Please note: The Competition/Talent search slots are first come, first served. The sooner you register, the better your chance is to get into the competition. Also note: if accepted into the Competition / Talent Search, there is a Registration Fee of $35.

P.S. Would you like to be in a group of 200 or so that may have a chance at $200,000? Go to the site below and read the intro.

Without submitting, you can not be entered into the Search for Stars of 2006!