K&W Publishing, LLC (Nov '09-Feb '10)

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This is the LAST CHANCE to submit to K&W Publishing, a fast growing music licensing company based in Los Angeles. The company was founded by two musicians and have placed dozens of songs in major TV shows including Melrose Place, The Ghost Whisperer, Real World/Road Rules, Keeping Up wih the Kardashians and many more. All musicians and genres are encouraged to submit, but this is a special call for Special call for New Orleans-style jazz and zydeco genres.This listing is for a "catalog Placement." If you are selected, this promoter will add you to their library to shop to clients who need music, but this does not guarantee placement.

K&W Publishing is a fast growing music licensing company based in Los Angeles. The company was founded by two musicians who understand the difficulties in getting music heard in the industry. Since its founding, K&W Publishing has successfully placed dozens of artists in television programs. Catalog artists have enjoyed placements on shows like:

  • The Real World (MTV) (more than 20 placements over 3 years, including 3 on-screen mentions for our artists)

  • Melrose Place (CW)

  • The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

  • Real World / Road Rules: The Challenge (more than 20 placements)

  • Bad Girls Club (MTV)

  • Styl'd (MTV)

  • Keeping up with the Kardashians (MTV)

  • Parental Control (MTV)

... and more!

K&W Publishing is a compassionate company who prides themselves in their past business. They offer completely non-exclusive contracts and boast a detailed music reviewing process. This is a wonderful opportunity for any artist to present their music to a publishing company who can get you in front of the decision makers.


We're as dedicated as ever to bringing in amazing rock bands and singer/songwriters - those two genres are our specialty! However, as we look at new independent film and commercial projects, we've started to realize opportunities for artists from many other genres.

All musicians and genres are encouraged to submit. But we urgently need to build up our catalog in Hip Hop/Urban, Country, R&B and Jazz. If you and/or your act works in one of these styles please submit immediately.


Terms And Conditions

All submissions will be listened to by two independent parties at K&W Publishing - one of the partners and one of the supervisors.

There is no guarantee of placement. Follow up is always a good thing - but no more than once a week, please! We are swamped most of the time and additional phone calls and emails slow everything down even more.

If your music is chosen as something we think works for our catalog, we'll get in touch with you -- and trust us, it's our bread and butter, too, so you won't get picked and then fall through the cracks. Patience, grasshopper.

If we can't work with your music immediately, it doesn't mean we'll NEVER need it; in other words, it's unlikely it'll go in the trash. You'd never believe some of the things music supervisors want! We will keep you on file and you never know!

However, we CAN guarantee that your music will NEVER be used in a placement through our company unless you are under contract. (In other words we'll never try to stick your music in a big blockbuster movie - or even a small cable access show - behind your back).

If we do want to use your material, we will contact you to discuss our non-exclusive licensing agreement. ALL ARTISTS ON OUR ROSTER ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN THE NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSING AGREEMENT. It's for our protection and yours.