19th Annual LA Music Awards - Round 3

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The L.A. Music Awards have been around longer than any other independent awards show in the world. While many other awards show events have a policy of nominating all who pay the submission fee, the L.A. Music Awards nominates only the best of it's musical submissions, which explains its longevity, history, heritage and esteem.

If you are nominated in the Los Angeles Music Awards, there are thousands of dollars worth of benefits and opportunities through the promotional efforts made on your behalf. The L.A. Music Awards are a media-driven publicity and marketing machine.

Your submission to The Los Angeles Music Awards will offer the chance for your music to be heard by Hollywood's TV/film placement industry as well as to be one of 100 nominees in 20 categories (5 nominees per category). There are reserved slots in every category for Sonicbids members.

Each submission will be carefully evaluated. There will be four separate qualifying rounds, with monthly, public placement of new nominee names on the LA Music Awards website.

Here are the categories:

Male Singer / Songwriter of the Year

Female Singer / Songwriter of the Year

Rock Single of the Year

Pop Single of the Year

Adult Contemporary Single of the Year

Triple A Single of the Year

Soul R&B Single of the Year

Dance Single of the Year

Country Single of the Year

Hip Hop Single of the Year

Music Video of the Year

Male Vocal Performance of the Year

Female Vocal Performance of the Year

Rock Record of the Year (Producer)

Rock Album of the Year (Artist)

Country Vocalist of the Year: Male or Female

Pop Vocalist of the Year: Male or Female

Band My Space Website of the Year

Musical Group of the Year

Instrumental Artist of the Year

There will also be a separate "Producers Choice" category for nominees who submit exemplary work for consideration of nomination. The Producers Choice sub categories are:

Guitarist of the Year




Recording Engineer

Live Performance

CD Package design

Jazz Artist

Hip-Hop Artist

Musical Group

The artists who are chosen as nominees in the independent categories will get to network not only with music industry achievers, but with top-level people from the motion picture industry as well. This awards show is open to artists from around the world.

The LA Music awards is sponsored by Rainbo Records, who is offering selected artists 100 CDs for free. See LA Music Awards' MySpace page for more details.

Please note: The 19th Annual LA Music Awards Showcase Series will be held monthly at Life in Los Angeles. Sonicbids artists are eligible to perform at these events in 2009.

he 2009 LA Music Awards and Showcase Series will continue with the traditions established when it was founded in 1991. That means that the interests of artists and their creative work come first and that community service to the grassroots creative community shall continue to be the mantra of this organization.

Terms And Conditions

10 Simple Rules in 2009 - All NOMINEES MUST READ
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Rule 1: Talent is not leverage. This is an awards show with the highest standard ever set for an event of this kind. You, as an artist are expected to be talented when you enter a competition such as this one. DO NOT TRY TO LEVERAGE YOU TALENT WITH US. The only leverage you will ever have on any level in the entertainment industry is popularity. Your talent may get you on our ballots, but only you can get others to vote for you.

Rule 2. Participation is the key to victory. If you are fortunate enough to win a nomination from our organization, then you must be willing to actively participate in as many of our on-going events as you can. We produce showcase events 20 times per year. Your willingness to attend all or most of these events to network with our staff of producers and advisory board members is vital to your success.

Rule 3. Show respect. Any private or public disrespect shown to any awards event of ours that you are nominated in will result in immediate revocation of your nomination and will automatically disqualify you from further consideration.

Rule 4. Listen to our advice. If you receive a phone call from one of our executive producers informing you of your nomination, take the opportunity to listen to what they have to say. The LA Music Awards has a decades old history and heritage in Hollywood. Our organization has nurtured and cultivated relationships with hundreds of very influential and important people in the entertainment industry. We have also seen many careers won and lost when an artist or band chooses or does not to choose to follow good advice.

Rule 5. Submit only your best songs for us to hear. Too often, artists and bands will send us songs that they think are good when in fact, they are the only ones who seem to think those songs are indeed good songs. Ask around to some neutral ears before spending your heard earned money on an opportunity like this. Carefully chosen material as recommended by others can often result in a hard won nomination, which is always a good thing to be sure.

Rule 6. No duplicity allowed. This simply means that with so many copycat awards programs that have attempted to take our unique business model and fool the independent music community into thinking they are legitimate entities, we only want artists who are loyal to our very elite community. While it is o.k. to enter these other contests and awards programs, it is NOT O.K. to accept a nomination from us and then choose to attend a competing event over one of our events. It is also not going to win you any higher consideration from us if you have received a nomination from a competing awards show organization.

Rule 7. Monitor and communicate. This means stay in tune with what we are doing and do not expect us to keep up with you and your activities. TRANSLATION: Watch our web sites for updates. Check all blogs each time you visit. Note event schedules and other information that you will need to stay competitive with the other nominees. Please, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail or call our production office with your questions and comments. We like to hear from all of our active participants.

Rule 8. Be good community members. Simply put, this means that your personal agenda has no place in our organization. We want artists who are friendly to one another and want to share gigs, showcases and fan bases with each other. We are a unique creative community with strong ties to the highest caliber people in the industry. We expect our nominees to continually show courtesy and respect to our staff, advisory panel and one another.

Rule 9. Keep your hopes high. TRANSLATION: Capturing a nomination does not automatically guarantee a successful career in the entertainment industry. What it does do is give you and your music is an amazingly effective marketing tool to get your music heard by those who can assist you at getting into the commercial marketplace. A nomination in any of our primary categories can help you by allowing you to make a sticker for your CD that says your music rose above your competition and managed to connect with our event producers. EXAMPLE: (Your band name) "Nominated for Independent Rock Single of the Year"

Rule 10. The win is the nomination, not the award itself. No one "wins" an award with us. The "win" is in the nomination. This is why we refer to those who receive an award from us as "recipients". If you are a nominee and you don't receive an award from us, you did not "lose" anything. With so few nominees in all of our primary categories, it is an astounding achievement to be recognized as one of the best in your respective music genre. That is also why we never name our categories "Best" album or artist. If you are nominees, you are all the best, but only a few will call themselves recipients.

Once a nominee is selected by the LA Music Awards producers and advisory board members, the nomination does not become final until the artist has accepted the signed, sealed and framed Official Certificate of Nomination. These are presented at LAMAs Showcase Series events by special invitation. Some participants may notice on LAMA website that certain nominees may be removed or replaced by other artists or bands. The reason for this is the "participation" rule listed LAMAs MySpace. If an artist chooses NOT to physically participate in at least TWO of LAMAs ongoing events during the course of the year in 2009, then a nomination cannot be guaranteed.

A nomination is NOT dependent on an invitation from LAMA to seek sponsorship for performance time on stage. If LAMA happen to extend such an invitation to a particular artist to perform at the main event, it is because of a sincere interest in that artist. Only 1 out of 20 music submissions will receive such an invitation. Even if an artist or band cannot sell themselves to sponsors, LAMA still recognizes the quality of their work and make them guests at the main event.