21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards

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Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to submit to The 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. The Awards represent an unprecedented opportunity for mass media exposure for any artists who have an active participation in their program. In 2010, 64 artists and bands received an award and got the rare chance to walk the red carpet and do over 20 radio, television and print publication interviews with national and international media outlets. Most of last year's recipients were Sonicbids members./n/nThe 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards represent an unprecedented opportunity for mass media exposure for any artists who have an active participation in their program. In 2010, 64 artists and bands received an award and got the rare chance to walk the red carpet and do over 20 radio, television and print publication interviews with national and international media outlets at the prestigious Paramount Studios in the heart of Hollywood, California.

2010 Solo Artist of the Year Willie Ames had this to say about the LA Music Awards:

"I felt very honored just to be nominated in 2010, thank you Sonicbids for making my submission to the LAMAs possible! Then to actually win an award and participate as a select performer in the award's showcase events at the Whisky A Go-Go and the main event at the Paramount Theater was like a dream come true! Not to mention walking my first red carpet with tremendous media exposure was a thrill. Personally, the 2010 LAMAs was the pinnacle reflection of 6 years that I had been grinding away at a full-time independent music career. In its 21st year, the LAMAs continues to serve as a launching pad for those who are meant to sky rocket!"

The 21st annual event will have 30 categories:

  • 1.Male Singer/Songwriter

  • 2.Female Singer/Songwriter

  • 3.Record of the Year

  • 4.Rock Artist

  • 5.Rock Single

  • 6.Rock Album

  • 7.Country Artist

  • 8.Country Single

  • 9.Country Album

  • 10.Pop Single

  • 11.Pop Artist

  • 12.Triple A Artist

  • 13.Hot AC Artist

  • 14.Hot AC Single

  • 15.Hot AC Album

  • 16.Americana, Blues & Roots Artist

  • 17.Americana, Blues & Roots Single

  • 18.Male Vocalist

  • 19.Female Vocalist

  • 20.Instrumental Artist

  • 21.Jazz Artist

  • 22.Rock Drummer of the Year

  • 23.Showcase Artist of the Year

  • 24.Electronica / Dance Artist of the Year

  • 25.International Artist or Band

  • 26.Music Video of the Year

  • 27.Metal Band of the Year

  • 28.Guitarist of the Year

  • 29.Hip Hop Artist of the Year

  • 30. Bassist of the Year

Each artist that submits through Sonicbids will receive top consideration for nomination. If a particular artist or band becomes an "Official Selection" for consideration of a nomination in a particular category, that artist or band will be invited to participate in one of two showcase events at the Whisky A Go-Go. The only obligation you have at that point is to sell ten tickets to the event for your fans to witness the presentation. The price of the tickets is equal to the average door charge on any given night at the Whisky A Go-Go.

These fan-driven events are held for the purpose of determining who will be placed on the final ballot in early October. All attendees will be asked whom they are there to vote for and the number of fan attendees for each participant will determine whether or not they win a placement on the ballot attached to the annual voting party at the Whisky A Go-Go in early October, 2011.

As a nominee in their annual program, you will receive four complimentary tickets to their red carpet main event at Paramount Studios next year along with multiple web sites listing you as a nominee on the ballot. You will also be given the option of performing at one or more of their events, provided that there is a sponsor name or two attached to your participation.

Each artist that is selected to participate this series of ongoing events must be willing to attend those events regardless of their geographic location. Check out some photo's from the 2010 event at www.myspace.com/lamusicawards or www.lamusicawards.info.

Terms And Conditions

LAMA 2010 Guidelines

The LA Music Awards are first and foremost a promotional vehicle designed to help artists get into the commercial marketplace. As such, it is expected that you make the 20th annual LA Music Awards your first promotional priority. LAMA will be paying attention to your willingness, or lack thereof, to publicize your achievement on all of your exposure related tools, i.e. web sites, print ads, fliers, etc. Only 5 to 10% of entrants will win a nomination in 2010. If you are one of those, you have plenty to publicize and promote your music.

Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting:

* Publicists yes, managers no. Because of the promotional nature of the event and the typically early stage of an artists career at the time of nomination, LAMA - a publicity and promotion company prefers to work with publicists.

* Participation is the key to victory. You should be willing to be present and participate in as many of LAMA's Showcase Series events as you can. The events happen up to 20 times per year in two cities. Your willingness to attend some of these events to network with our staff of producers and advisory board members is vital to your success.

* Show respect. Any private or public disrespect shown to any awards/event that you are nominated in will result in immediate revocation of your nomination and will automatically disqualify you from further consideration. LAMA does not want to hear that you've been talking smack about how much better your music may be than many of LAMA's other nominees or anything that reflects poorly upon you or LAMA. You can express your desire to win in ways that positively reflect everyone. LAMA wants artists who are friendly to one another and want to share gigs, showcases and fan bases with each other. Simply stated in another way, be good community members in the LAMA community.

* Listen to advice. If you receive a nomination, utilize the opportunity listen to what the event producers have to say. With a 20-year history and heritage in Hollywood, LAMA has nurtured and cultivated relationships with hundreds of very influential and important people in the entertainment industry and has also seen many careers won and lost. The artists that receive nominations are artists that LAMA believes are talented and wants to help.

* Find neutral ears to listen to your music before you submit it. Find someone who has no bias for or against your musical endeavors before spending your hard-earned money on an opportunity such as this.

* Monitor and communicate. It is important to LAMA that you stay in touch with what LAMA is doing by watching LAMA's web sites for updates, event schedules and other information that you will need to stay competitive with the other nominees. LAMA likes to hear from all of our active participants. Please, don't hesitate e-mail or call with your questions and comments.

* LAMA only want artists and bands that are loyal to its very elite community. While it is fine if you enter other contests and awards programs, it is NOT O.K. to accept a nomination from us and then choose to attend a competing event over LAMA. It is also not going to win you any higher consideration from LAMA if you have received a nomination from a competing awards show organization.

* Capturing a nomination does not automatically guarantee a successful career in the entertainment industry. Consider any nominations earned as a chance to market yourself in conjunction with the most recognized awards show in Hollywood. This amazingly effective marketing tool may be what you need to get your music heard by those who can assist you at getting into the commercial marketplace. For example, you could make a sticker for your CD that says, (Your band name) Nominated for Independent Rock Single of the Year at the 20th Annual LA Music Awards

In summary, the win is the nomination, not the award itself. No one wins an award with LAMA. The win is in the nomination. This why LAMA refers to those who receive an award from us as recipients. If you are a nominee and you dont receive an award, you did not lose anything. You can still use this as an incredible promotional opportunity where everyone is a winner.