Green River Productions - Seeking Music for Late Night TV Series

Posted by:  Great Iguana Records


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This is a rare opportunity for have your music placed in a HBO/Cinemax series. Great Iguana Records has teamed with several production companies over the past 6 years to create and produce these series. The first show was "Thrills", then "Hotel Erotica" "Hotel Erotica 2", "Hotel Cabo" and finally "Erotic Traveler" in 2007. These are Cinemax's #1 rated series! Please see the IMDB link below to see a complete list.

This opportunity is for a late night Cinemax, very sexy 1/2 hour show that runs several times a month and sometimes several times a night.

All types of music are needed for background as well as foreground in night club scenes, driving scenes and romantic scenes. Many of these shows have a travel element to them so there is a need for miscellaneous types of world/ethnic music as well as more pop-oriented genres. There is a strong need for instrumentals but songs with vocals will be accepted as well.

Artists should submit full-length songs songs even though they may be edited down and only a portion of the song gets used.

All songs used will first receive a flat fee of $100.00, PLUS writers and publishers rights, which are as follows:

  • You will be financially compensated for airplay through the Performing Rights Organization of choice (ASCAP, BMI, etc) and paid a royalty for any episodes that are run and rerun.

  • Writers will keep 100% but must have an affiliation with BMI, SESAC or ASCAP. You can have co-writers, but all involved will have to sign a typical licensing contract and all co-writers will also need to belong to one of the 3 above mentioned.

  • With publishing, you can either keep 50% of publishing, if you belong to BMI, ASCAP or SESAC as a publisher. If you do not have an affiliation for publishing, Great Iguana will be able to offer you a buyout (an additional $200.00 for a total of $300.00) to license the song for this series only.

    Additionally, if your music is selected, your music will automatically be considered for inclusion in future seasons.

    Licensing will be for this project only, which means you still own the rights to the song and can place it elsewhere after a 6-month window.

    Please Note:If you submit you must own all rights to the music.