Music Under the Stars - Summer Concert Series

Posted by:  Levitt Pavilion Pasadena


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The Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts-Pasadena presents an annual season of 50 exceptional outdoor musical concerts. In partnership with the City of Pasadena, the Levitt Summer Concert Series serves the community and businesses of Pasadena by offering a diverse series of concerts with no admission charge at beautiful Memorial Park in the heart of Old Pasadena.

Designed to appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds and tastes, the Summer Concert Series entertains audiences of over 30,000 each year. Concerts are 5 days per week for 10 weeks from June through August every summer. The Levitt Pavilion is looking for artists to perform for the following nights:

  • Wednesday: Children's Entertainment

  • Thursday: American Music

  • Friday: World Music

  • Saturday: Musica Latina

  • Sunday: Jazz Music

    The Levitt Pavilion Pasadena normally does not provide backline, hotel accommodations and/or transportation. Selected artists will be compensated for their performance, and meals are provided day of show. This is a great gig for any artist/band to perform at a large, outdoor venue in Southern California.

  • Terms And Conditions

    The following is the rules and regulations section taken from our artist contracts. Certain areas are negotiable.

    a. Regulations: The Artist acknowledges that TFLP is producing the Event pursuant to the terms and restrictions of license agreements, permits, consents and other approvals issued by the City of Pasadena and other government entities. The Artist agrees to comply with all regulations, prohibitions and other provisions as may be mandated by such entities.

    b. Rules: The Artist hereby acknowledges and agrees as follows:

    i. Prohibited Substances: At all times during the Event the Artist shall not have in their possession or use, or be under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol.

    ii. Dress and Behavior: The Event is open to the public and is geared to a family environment. The Artist agrees to use language appropriate to such an environment. The Artist further agrees not to wear clothing or display any signage containing images or language that could be considered offensive in such an environment.

    iii. Sound and Lighting Levels: The Artist shall comply with all applicable sound and lighting level ordinances as detailed in the attached Schedule A. Barring any conditional variances listed in this agreement or contracted by both parties under a separate addendum, the Artist agrees to use only the sound and lighting services and personnel provided by TFLP for the audio and lighting reinforcement of the Event. The Artist agrees that all decisions regarding sound and lighting shall be made solely by TFLPs sound and lighting personnel and will abide by them accordingly.

    iv. Pyrotechnics: The Artist shall not be permitted to have or use any type of electronic or pyrotechnic display.

    v. Fire and Smoking: The Venue is a non-smoking facility. The Artist agrees not to smoke or have any open flames of any kind within 50 of the Venue.

    vi. Public Relations: Any promotional material sent to TFLP shall become the property of TFLP for use in marketing and promoting the Artists appearance. The Artist is encouraged to provide TFLP any such promotional materials as they believe will help represent them best in this effort; no later then Sixty (60) days in advance of their performance. Artist agrees to allow TFLP the right to use any of the submitted material or other material found in public domain related to the Artist without regard to completeness or editorial review by the Artist.

    c. Compliance with Laws: The Artist shall comply with all existing federal, state and local laws and ordinances applicable to Artists performance at the Event.

    d. Inclusive Binding: The Artist agrees that they shall be responsible for informing and enforcing the above rules and regulations with any designated representatives, partners, officers and sub-contractors who may be involved with the performance of this Agreement.

    e. Failure to Comply: Should the Artist, their representatives, agents or sub-contract labor fail to comply with any of the above rules and regulations, they may be found to be in Breach of Contract and subject to the conditions set forth in Section 12. In addition, they may be subject to any civil or criminal actions which may arise as a result of their actions.