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Musicto is the #1 Independent playlist brand on the planet. Our mission is to support the development of artists, build a community of music curators, inspire listeners and fans to explore different music and find creative ways through social media to connect with music lovers. We're currently looking for artists and music fans alike to curate playlists for Musicto.  

Everybody applying must desire to build your audience is what makes you stand out from other curators. If you've spent the time to write a compelling reason as to why someone should listen to a track - you want as many people as possible to read it. 

The Opportunity

If you see sharing music as an opportunity to make other people's lives better, not worse, then this is a chance for you to get involved with Musicto. The ability to write about music with your passion is how you will persuade people to listen to your playlist. You don't have to be a J.K. Rowling or George R. Martin, you don't even have to write perfect English, but you will need to be able to put into words why that track is worthy of someone's time. This is for the introverts, extroverts, party people and bedsit loners to come together to share great music with the world.

The Band

We're looking for musicians, moviemakers, barristers and baristas, DJs, digital marketers and anyone in between. 

*You don't have to be a musician or an artist to be a music playlist curator, you just need to have a good ear and have a deep passion for music. 

  • We're an established and recognized brand that gives our curators a platform to be expressive and build a fanbase
  • We're a strong and thriving global community of music curators
  • We're a highly visible website that receives thousands of track submissions

 There are 3 things that we look for in new musicto Curators:

  • 15 minutes a day
  • Ability to Write
  • A desire to build your audience
  • We do not accept any hateful music on any of our playlists 

The Gig

Our curators must be savy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and utilize these social media platforms to find people who will love listening to your playlist.  

15 minutes a day is what is required to do this effectively. You will be required to compile your own lists and talk about music to others. Some days it's only 5 minutes, but other days - when you're writing your track submission or sharing your track with the audience, it could be as much as half an hour. We know - this is a lot of time - most people don't have this time - but you're not most people.

We're looking for people all around the world to join the community, there's no age, country or restrictions to the style of music.