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Loud Dust Recordings is a music publisher (BMI) and label based in Vermont. Since being founded in 1999 by a Musician/Producer, they’ve released recordings in various genres of music including electronic, reggae, world beat, hip-hop, rap, R&B, adult alternative, alternative rock, Americana, alt-country, acoustic, progressive rock, and singer-songwriter for distribution and promotion through iTunes, Sony Connect, MusicMatch, Rhadsody/RealNetworks, Emusic, Napster, MSN Music, HMV, Music Now, Urge, Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless/VCast Music, PassAlong Networks, Yahoo Music, AT&T Wireless, Virgin Digital and many, many more!

As a part of their constantly expanding presence in the entertainment business, they are actively seeking unique recording artists, primarily in those genres already mentioned, to sign to their roster for a minimum of four years. Although Loud Dust does not pay advances or provide studio budgets, 40% royalties from all sales is guaranteed (no deductions or fees ever) as well as the release and promotion of any masters produced during the four years that you’re one of the exclusive recording artists in the Loud Dust catalog. Many artists that have become part of the Loud Dust family seem destined to reap the benefits of Loud Dust’s constant effort to increase their industry presence and alliances by the high quality of their recordings and strength of their character, including The Crawdaddies out of Baltimore, Boston’s Mamadou & Ken Bonfield, Chicago’s Labo Labs, Philly-native Ace Boom Koon, San Antonio’s Mani Sierra and Bay-area performer Keldamuzik. Loud Dust Recordings is eager to hear your innovative music, sound ideas and production artistry.